Life Changing Travel Hacks For Frequent Flyers

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For some, traveling can be extremely stressful because of all the preparation it requires. So much goes into executing a well-planned trip, and there are many who feel exhausted even before their travels begin. Our little list of life-changing travel hacks for frequent flyers is devastatingly effective and will make travel preparations stress free. When creating the hacks our objective was to help alleviate all the stress and anxiety that is brought on by traveling and everything that goes into it from packing to booking flights and making it easy for our readers.

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1. Affordable First Class Tickets

Not many people know that airline miles can be sold for cash. If you didn’t know that then, yes it’s true, some easy cash can be made by selling airline miles to mileage brokers. Airlines don’t tend to love this practice, but it is 100% legal in every state in America except for Utah. Obviously in order to sell airline miles the first and the most important thing to do is to find a reliable mileage broker in order to sell your miles for cash.

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Are you wondering why mileage brokers buy frequent flyer miles? The answer to this question is that they then use the miles to get discounted first class tickets. The price of the first class ticket is significantly cheaper with miles than with cash. So basically, you have the option of either selling your airline miles or buy more miles and then fly first class for cheap. Either way airline miles get a pretty good deal on premium airline tickets.

2. Free Stopover City Tours

A lot of the times, flights are much cheaper with a stopover, because more frequent flyers want to fly directly to their destination. What if we let you in on (another) little secret? It is possible to prolong your stopover for longer than 8 hours, and have the luxury to explore the city for 24 hours. Even though this might sound crazy, but a lot of airlines such as Emirates and Turkish Airlines have started doing this in order to increase tourist traffic in their parent city. Turkish Airlines has even started a promotion where it was paying for the 2-night stay. Another airline that has followed suit is Qatar Airways which is also offering a free hotel stay during the stopover. Within this package, you get to travel to two countries without paying anything from your own pocket.

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Sign Up For Price Alerts

Prices of airline tickets tend to fluctuate constantly before the flight. So if you’re planning a vacation six months from now, you have the opportunity of setting up price alerts for your destination. There is a number of price alert website such as Skyscanner, which will instantly send you price alerts as soon as the price of the ticket drops. Frequent flyers can also down different apps which also serve the same purpose of informing members of decrease (or increase) in price.

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"The frequent flyer scheme has become as much part of the business traveler's life as a mobile phone or a passport. Indeed, when they were launched twenty-five years ago, air miles promised to be the passport to riches for those flyer loyal and busy enough to earn them."
"For the average traveler, that means buying miles or points in order to reach a threshold for an award ticket. Most airline charge 3 to 5 cents per miles."
"There is a group of traveler junkies so obsessed with racking up frequently flier miles, they scour the internet for deals that take them through little known airports."

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