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Rated 5 stars by Customers World Wide
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  • this allows me to save a lot of money. very useful!
    Jun Lee korea
  • Great option for upgrades
    Kelly Moshier United States
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    Kham Hosi Canada
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    shlomo shur USA
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    seyoung heo korea
  • Very good website
    Tom United States
  • thanks for buying mileage~~ it is great idea
    Jino Jung korea
Need to buy miles for travel?
The Mileage Club is an Internet Marketing Company that was started by a group of entrepreneurs who are avid frequent flyers themselves. They discovered the power of frequent flyer miles and how they make Business and First Class fares cheaper by up to 70%. And they started the Mileage Club so that you can harness the power of air miles for international travel and buy miles online. No longer have you got to wait to earn miles in order to travel the world, you may now purchase air miles online at TMC. We guarantee to save you thousands of dollars on your next flight.
3 Billion + miles and counting Thousands of happy global customers from
USA Australia
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3 Billion + miles and counting
Thousands of happy global customers from
USA, Australia, England, France, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Spain, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Indonesia

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