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Air France air miles

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Air France is the biggest airline carrier of France; it is in fact not only the name carrier airline of the entire country but is also among the top leading airlines of the world. Air France airline serves more than 40 million passengers every year and operates flights in more than 175 destinations all around the globe. Air France miles can be easily purchased from mileage broker companies and on every flight with Air France you get to earn free miles.

Customer Reviews

D Kubes, Austria
- February 14, 2018

super ease - great deal! love it!!!

??? , United Kingdom
- February 08, 2018


J Park, UK
- February 08, 2018


H Rijpert, -
- January 29, 2018


- January 11, 2018


T Karim, USA
- January 09, 2018

Awesome when you need more miles to book an award flight at a better rate than the airline!

- November 26, 2017


S Witz, France
- November 22, 2017

Excellent website, and great deals !

B Westin, Sweden
- October 06, 2017

This will be great! All my friends rec this club and now I'm one of them.

A Bebin, Israel
- September 30, 2017

Best price available on the network!

A Martorell, Peru
- September 17, 2017

Quite useful!

C Dennis, US
- August 19, 2017

Great deals!! Thanks for an awesome upgrade!

N Ubukata, France
- August 05, 2017

I'm so happy to know this website. I often travel overseas by flight, but it takes long time to get enough miles to upgrade the class. But now, I can do it.

L Fadel, United States
- July 24, 2017

The best site to buy air miles!

Z Chowdhury, United States
- July 24, 2017

its okay

T Dillon, US
- July 19, 2017


P Derdak, Hungary
- June 12, 2017

Flying with AF to France and back was a huge experience for me with agreeable service and good food served

D Anzures, Czech Republic
- April 25, 2017


D Dweck, nigeria
- April 01, 2017


J Oates, United Kingdom
- March 07, 2017

Very easy to navigate website. Quick and simple to get a quote of the miles you need and hiow much it will cost. However the website could look a little more modern as it looks a bit boring. but on a whole a nice experience.

A Gates, USA
- March 05, 2017

Nice deals

P Sclater, Australia
- February 23, 2017

Great deal highly recommend

E Ritz, France
- February 15, 2017

Easiest way to buy miles and transfer them. Tobd if great advices to make the most of your miles and travel cheaper.

R Moondra, India
- January 18, 2017

Awesomeness all around!! Nothing better ever found

M Attiq, USA
- December 19, 2016

Relatively good deal compared to AF website

J Javier, Spain
- October 27, 2016

Good Service. I need to gather more information before purchasing any of its plans but seems good.

A Cercel, usa
- June 26, 2016

Simply love The Milleage Club, always the best deals and easy to transfer.

N B, United States
- May 19, 2016

This site is amazing. That much is clear to me already.

C Cihangir, Turkey
- May 07, 2016

Hi, This is Cengiz. From Turkey. We are travel agency and we have airfrance business class costumers. It's charging too much. I want to use miles if possible on Air France. Thank You. Ps: If you don't have air france miles we can use which air miles you have.We need air miles(for Award Ticket) Thank You Again. +905321318517 Cell Phone

LambeB , Italy
- April 11, 2016

Very Nice Service!

R Bosch, Spain
- January 31, 2016

NIce idea!

Antoine , USA
- December 30, 2015

Fast and efficient. Used the service many times, never encountered a hitch.

S Vani, egypt
- November 17, 2015

very nice

C Morgan, France
- October 25, 2015

Great deal to top up with needed miles!

??? , Hong Kong
- October 04, 2015

I think is a good deal.

I Cramer, USA
- March 03, 2015

This is the first time I used a service like this...I spoke to some of the others and they seemed a little uncertain, but these guys felt professional. The deal went through just as promised. I'm very happy!

J Gendel, USA
- January 07, 2015

Great service - prompt, professional, and good value!

Luba , Fremont, United States
- August 26, 2014

Travel agent

Yevgeny , Brooklyn, United States
- July 28, 2014


Natalya , Los Angeles, United States
- June 18, 2014

it's great.

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