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United air miles

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United Airlines, usually referred to as “United”, is a major American Airline which – if measured by number of destinations served – is the world’s largest airline. It provides excellent in-flight service and as a result attracts millions of passengers annually.

Customer Reviews

K Moshier, United States
- June 16, 2018

Great option for upgrades

C Fejeran, United States
- June 07, 2018

Great rates!

s shur, USA
- June 01, 2018

My first try. And to be honest I was surprised that everything worked perfectly :) I checked my United account and the 50K miles are there. Great job. Thanks.

E Murphy, Australia
- May 25, 2018

Great deals and service, been a member for several years now.

A Diamond, United States
- May 05, 2018

Fantastic Deals, Great Service.

C Aguayo, Mexico
- April 10, 2018

Quick - Safe all you need to get that award.

J Dileonardo, USA
- April 10, 2018

I'm giving it 4 stars instead of 5 because I don't see the point of the extra fee to get the "gold," price. If you use the service every so often then you need to sign up, purchase, cancel upgraded membership. It's just annoying. If you don't cancel then you're paying more for the miles then you would have without the membership. I'm sure it's an opportunity for them to make more money and I don't begrudge them from making more money, but it distracts from the customer experience. I personally don't want to be bothered with that and I ended up more money then I needed to because of the hassle of signing up and then canceling. Otherwise it was a saving of over $1,000 by buying the miles from them instead of directly from the airline and the miles made it into my account on the same day. I would recommend the service to others. But I wish the customer experience was a little better.

I K, Marshall Islands
- March 22, 2018

The Mileage Club - reliable service for easy, cheap, & quick miles! Thank you!

??? , Japan
- March 17, 2018

Seems to be a cheaper alternative to airlines websites. A very smart idea!

J Lin, America
- March 16, 2018

The miles are not as cheap as I thought it would be compared to buying from airline directly

J Morrow, United States
- February 28, 2018

Purchased United miles several times without an issue, generally within an hour or so. This is the only site I trust to get my miles. Hoping to catch my next flight soon! Thanks Mileage Club.

J Colbert, USA
- February 24, 2018

Great deal!

Mg , U.S.A.
- February 22, 2018


- February 16, 2018


B Williams, USA
- February 06, 2018

An Excellent Service. Very prompt delivery of miles at a very good price. Will definitely continue to use for international travel.

K Lynch, United States
- February 04, 2018

Little to now leg room.

B Williams, USA
- February 03, 2018

Very good way to top up points to reach an award.

H Kurihara, usa
- January 31, 2018

i wanted to find the cheapest way to get a direct one way ticket from Asia to USA. Im glad i found this service to meet my need.

J Price, United States
- January 22, 2018

A great and easy transaction.

J Price, US
- January 22, 2018


Y Kyrou, Us
- January 18, 2018

You are the best

F JOSEPH, United States
- January 16, 2018

As an avid travel enthusiast, I am only sorry that I did not find this site sooner before spending lots of money on travel. Recommending to all my family and friends.

Y Kinoshita, ???????
- January 06, 2018

Very convenient for me!

H Zitouni, USA
- January 03, 2018

UAL mileage program is always the best program out there

R Kee, United States
- January 01, 2018

Looks promising - hope to use this service more.

T Spaans, Spain
- December 26, 2017

Great Deal! Love this website!

T Gage, USA
- December 18, 2017

we will see if this works out... Im hopeful

Lijuan , good
- November 27, 2017


? ?, china
- November 23, 2017

i purchase from other account on this website before. it was good.

B Schultz, US
- November 23, 2017

Great experience!

L Kolodny, USA
- November 23, 2017

Pricing is more expensive than through United directly

J Peng, US
- November 16, 2017

good deal

M Moussa, United States
- November 08, 2017


D Osorio, United States
- October 31, 2017

Awesome website! Good deals

T Nuessgen, Panama
- October 31, 2017

Their miles can get you over the line at a great rate.

- October 24, 2017

good value for money

N Tousignant, United States
- October 18, 2017

Thank you so much for your incredible deals! You are truly making travel possible again!

J Redd, United States
- October 02, 2017

Best kept secret for flying International FirstClass for a little more than coach.

M Kaye, USA
- September 24, 2017

Have purchased miles from The Mileage Club 6 times in order now. Every time they deliver on their promise. Thank you! Wish I could buy 50,000 monthly!

Loeak , Marshall Islands
- September 18, 2017


D Chen, United States
- August 21, 2017

NICE SITE i have even use it . pretty good place to save money

E Schmitz, Germany
- August 03, 2017


G Zama, Federated States of Micronesia
- August 01, 2017

Great customer service with exceptional savings.

A Bush, United States
- July 24, 2017

It was very easy to navigate and find deals that worked best for me

T DILLON, United States
- July 19, 2017

awesome site!!

D Surovy, USA
- July 11, 2017

The best way to top oof your missing miles.

K Petersen, USA
- July 10, 2017

Trying to book a flight for my family using miles and was a little short on the miles i needed. The Airline wanted to charge me almost twice what I was able to purchase it for on the Mileage Club website. Love it.

D Thomas, Brazil
- June 28, 2017

Perfect! Best way to earn miles! Best price ever! Thank you so much, mileage club!

A Smith, US
- June 27, 2017

You are an amazing company. Keep it up!

T Dahm, USA
- June 21, 2017

Great website! Great service

V Green, Brazil
- June 20, 2017

Very interesting

S Dhakal, Canada
- June 10, 2017


H Almheiri, united arab emirates
- June 06, 2017

Great Deal

- June 01, 2017

Excellent deal

R McHenry, USA
- May 08, 2017

Good free miles!

R McHenry, USA
- May 08, 2017

Easy sign up

V Reyna, United States
- May 01, 2017


S Smith, United Statues
- April 12, 2017

I just was referred to the website, and already everything is self explanatory. Fast and east also even assists with Charities!!

F Kuan, Taiwan
- April 12, 2017


L Yowell, USA
- March 18, 2017

Great source for discounted award miles!!!

C Sasha, United state
- March 06, 2017

Bought 100k for $2400.00 and still haven't received my miles and still no calls returned after emails and and trying other ways to reach them. Smh

Karen , USA
- March 03, 2017

While i have yet to receive my miles as I just purchased them, think it says a day or two, this seems like a great deal! It is much easier to use miles on a flight, even if there is a change fee, so having a few extra miles in your account is a good thing!!

L Post, USA
- February 24, 2017

Boy, that was easy. Joined, bought United miles and a couple hours later they were in my account.

M Aljohani, United States
- February 22, 2017

not bad

R Santana, US
- February 21, 2017

very good!!

R Talwar, USA
- February 15, 2017


S Laikidrik, Marshall Islands
- February 15, 2017

United airline is the only international/domestic carrier in the Marshall Islands so let's keep supporting our only airline.

S Kumar, USA
- February 01, 2017


J Moon, South Korea
- January 27, 2017

A Nice Deal and Opportunity for earning points

v pandya, United States
- January 26, 2017

good job

F Tschan, Germany
- January 11, 2017

Although I haven't purchased any miles yet, I've been impressed with the professionalism and authenticity of this company. They can be trusted and as such I will be purchasing my first miles in the very near future.

F Tschan, Germany
- January 11, 2017

Although I haven't purchased any miles yet, I've been impressed with the professionalism and authenticity of this company. They can be trusted and as such I will be purchasing my first miles in the very near future.

J L., US
- January 07, 2017

The rates on here are awesome!

I Sutton, USA
- January 03, 2017

It was extra easy

I Sutton, USA
- January 03, 2017

It was a great deal.

D Crowe, United States
- December 19, 2016

The miles we "earn" help us fly. The miles we buy, make our business run smoother. Instead of waiting to earn those last few thousand miles, join this club and get it done! I've even purchased entire fares using airline miles. The deals are amazing when upgrading to business class.

J Mihkel, Federated States of Micronesia
- December 06, 2016

SUPERB!! United services are welcoming but still needs improvement.

J Slemons, United States
- November 28, 2016

Great site!

r bode, United States
- November 12, 2016

Great site! First time user but looks like good deals to be had.

C Rose, United States
- November 02, 2016

It is decent deal but would like to see purchasing miles in lower amounts

C Garamoni, USA
- October 14, 2016

Very easy to navigate website along with great deals!

G Blackwood, USA
- September 30, 2016


M Man, USA
- September 19, 2016

Great deal, helped me get to japan!

G Isom, Federated States of Micronesia
- September 19, 2016

This is amazing. Great customer service with exceptional savings. Thank you!

M Hyun, USA
- September 06, 2016

Used miles for business class on a very long flight to Asia--slightly higher than purchasing coach tickets!

K Jones, United States
- September 01, 2016

This has to be the best way to get miles fast at a great price. So excited to continue using this site.

M Hyun, USA
- August 30, 2016

Great deal--flew to Indonesia, awesome deal! Took half a day for the miles to credit into my account, the second time, it was within the hour.

D Basista, United States
- August 28, 2016

Great website. I am really happy I found you guys online!

N Sharif, USA
- August 08, 2016

I have not any miles yet, but can you explain how the transfer is done?

J Christopher, United States
- August 01, 2016

Cool site. My friend has used it and he likes it so I am going to try it out as well. It should come in handy as I need a few more points in order to book an award flight before my points expire.

L Wilson, USA
- July 25, 2016

Excellent resource!

A Reddi, USA
- July 25, 2016

This is an excellent deal

S Malkind, United States
- July 21, 2016

Promising so far, I look forward to booking.

K Fischer, USA
- July 17, 2016

I was looking for ways to buy United miles and earn miles as well and found this site. I didn't know it existed until I did a search on the internet. I like the way you allow new members to earn miles at the same time as finding great deals. Thank you!

- July 05, 2016

Really interesting site - can't wait to use the awards on an upcoming trip!

J Bealefeld, United States of America
- June 25, 2016

Fair deals and great customer service.

E Mazzei, United States
- June 22, 2016

I love how fast the miles get delivered to my account!!! These miles have saved me a couple of times from paying outrageous prices.

M Maguila, Brazil
- June 16, 2016

Good deal.

T Chase, United States
- June 15, 2016

I think this deal is marginal, but better than United.Com!

J Kim, USA
- June 12, 2016

This is a very convenient and economical way to buy miles you need.

E Gallardo, USA
- June 11, 2016

A shame that United isn't actually available.

N Rukhin, USA
- June 06, 2016

I am the owner of Academic Travel.

f altabbaa, United States
- June 01, 2016

great deal and prompt delivery to account

A Fadi, USA
- June 01, 2016

I never had this experience before but was smooth and nice. Great A+++ recommend it .

Dimax , Brasil
- May 30, 2016


Y Lim, United States
- March 15, 2016

i want buy miles.

N Ditri, USA
- March 14, 2016

Fantastic site and the pricing is phenomenal!

B Jacob, FSM
- March 14, 2016

Thank You now i can Travel the World.....

B Jacob, Federated States of Micronesia
- March 14, 2016

I'm Loving this site... Thank You now i can travel the wolrd with low cost....

J Timothy, Marshall Islands
- March 13, 2016

great site

A Waldman, US
- March 02, 2016

Great Deals, Excellent Service, and wonderful Promotions

H Wang, US
- February 19, 2016

Good deal

M Gibson, United States
- February 17, 2016

great deals

P Sigrah, United States
- February 17, 2016

best site ever to buy mileage

J Gonzaga, USA
- February 13, 2016

Great prices!

S A, United States
- February 05, 2016

Seems very great value. Fast, quick and easy.

H An, usa
- February 03, 2016


F Araki, United States
- February 02, 2016

5000 free miles, that's great:-) 2.3 cents/mile is a lot better than 3.5 cents/mile at United site.

L LaFreniere, USA
- January 31, 2016

Love this site already

B Kolin, Israel
- January 27, 2016

Look amazing site

A Ho, United States
- January 24, 2016

Save at least $1000 every flight!

J Namon, Mexico
- January 19, 2016

Yo me gusta mucho!

M Islam, USA
- January 17, 2016

I was keep on searching to find a site where can buy airline mileage cheap. Finally found TMC that fulfilled my demand. Just in a month I bought above 300K miles for me and my friends. I will continue with TMC. Thanks The Mileage Club (TMC).

P L, Thailand
- January 14, 2016


D Jeanne, USA
- January 07, 2016

Great way of you want to travel first/business class

Y Harada, JAPAN
- January 07, 2016


C Clinton, Not much better than directly from United
- January 03, 2016

The deal is almost the same as United is offering directly on their site. Do the deals improve when United does special offers?

W Virgo, USA
- January 02, 2016

Better Thank buying miles from the actual Carrier. Amazing!!!!!!

D Dani, India
- January 01, 2016

Hi, 1. My last name in my Facebook account and United FFP is different . How to handle this? Will I face some problem upon purchase? 2. Now the feedback- When I clicked on Ask the Geek link, I landed on the next page, but there was no Contact form or contact page where I can write my question. Regards

A Ziegler, United States
- December 30, 2015

This is actually cheaper than buying the miles through United, even with the sale that they are running right now!

M Tex, USA
- December 27, 2015


C Cain, USA
- December 24, 2015

What a great service, I love that you can buy the miles and travel for almost 80% less on ticket price. Thanks

M Millien, United States
- December 20, 2015

very good services

M Islam, northern marianas islands
- December 09, 2015

I am pleased to see my miles I purchased.

M Islam, Northern Marianas Islands
- December 08, 2015

I searched and found this site online. I am thinking to purchase miles pretty soon. I hope everything will be smoother. I hope will be able to fly cheap using the purchased mileage from TMC. Thanks.

M Kleinberg, USA
- December 07, 2015

The Mileage Club have always been very helpful and all transactions have been very quick! I highly recommend them!

S Erakat, USA
- December 02, 2015

Fly Business class 50% off. Easy to do business with and fast

A Wu, usa
- December 01, 2015

very good

A Hasaj, USA
- November 25, 2015

Great idea to buy miles when needed.

K Vincent, FSM
- November 22, 2015

This site offers great deals. Its very convenient and i recommend it to anyone. Thanks.

K Vincent, FSM
- November 22, 2015

Great deal. I recommend it to anyone. Thanks!!

D Wilhite, USA
- November 16, 2015

This site is the best

S Sargeant, USA
- November 13, 2015

I liked the service and the web site.

M gorcey, usa
- November 11, 2015

quick service and easy to use

B R., United States
- November 06, 2015

This is a really great service. Thanks for providing it

Y Noh, United States
- November 05, 2015

It is a cheaper way to buy miles than from the airline site.

V Iyengar, United States
- October 30, 2015

So far so good. The site looks real and professional

G Cheng, USA
- October 26, 2015

cost 50%+ less than the United website.

R Maniscalco, United States
- October 22, 2015

User friendly.

C Eisenberg, us
- October 21, 2015

great service

C Lee, taiwan
- October 08, 2015

It's very great that I can purchase miles for my reward ticket. But it would be better if smaller amount of miles can also be bought.

S Nath, United States
- October 07, 2015

The gold membership is an awesome deal for frequent travellers like me. I instantly saved enough to pay for more than six months of gold membership fees.

R Nejapóno, United States
- October 01, 2015

Easy! and Quick!

F Childs, USA
- September 20, 2015

This is rally a fantastic deal.

C Crawford, United States
- September 16, 2015

Easy to sign up and easy to earn miles!!! I would recommend to everyone!

S Moorer, USA
- September 09, 2015

Anything that makes it easier for people to obtain miles is a good thing! Often, the price of miles is cheaper than the regular priced tickets - especially if traveling to out of the way airports or internationally.

B Houze, USA
- September 09, 2015

This is a wonderful website. It allows you to purchase extra miles needed at a fraction of the cost!!! Highly recommend.

- September 08, 2015

thank you, I hope this work out well.

R Morris, USA
- September 08, 2015

Proof of the pudding is in the eating. I haven't eaten yet.

Z Schau, usa
- September 05, 2015

thank you

C Peek, United States
- September 03, 2015

Fast Wonderful Service, At the best Price

L Pardo, TEXAS
- August 24, 2015

We got a great deal on a Disney cruise but I was disappointed to discover that the flight to get to the boat cost more! Thankfully, someone told me about The Mileage Club and I was able to book my flight the same day for half the price. So excited! Thank you, we will use you again soon.

S Jain, USA
- August 23, 2015

Very good idea and it works out cheaper than what the airlines offer. Keep up the good work.

S Ganbold, USA
- August 19, 2015

Great service, fast transfer!

J Symonds, USA
- August 19, 2015

Great deal on miles!

P Quan, Sydney
- August 17, 2015

awesome and fast service

S Shamim, Pakistan
- August 17, 2015

Excellent website

V Parmar, USA
- August 15, 2015

Good service!

A Sotomayor, USA
- August 12, 2015

Awesome service, fast turn around time and extremely helpful customer service. I have purchased over 300k miles from them and can guarantee that it is not only legitimate but way cheaper than buying directly from the airline.

H Lemon, USA
- August 11, 2015

This is exactly the way it is advertised. I received my miles the same day and have over what I need now. I will definitely continue to use it!

B Bowdey, USA
- August 10, 2015

Great deal on miles, if you need miles to make that special trip this is definately better than buying direct!

L Yowell, United States
- August 09, 2015

Came across this company via google search and after some additional research, seems to be on the up and up. I will give them a try since the discounted mileage prices are hard to pass up.

A Yuan, China
- August 06, 2015

Great deal!

K Bergen, USA
- August 04, 2015

I was worried at first to buy miles this way, but I was very happy with the experience. The miles were placed in my account much faster than when I bought directly through the airline. The service was great and my wife and I saved money on business class tickets overseas.

N Jackson, Switzerland
- August 03, 2015

Got a great deal to Switzerland!

H Shi, USA
- July 31, 2015

Very good services and prompt and secure transfer. Definitely will come back again.

GChu , USA
- July 31, 2015

Have TMC for 2 years. Brilliant Service

P Sullins, United States
- July 30, 2015

Price very competive with other places for points. Easy to use, great website.

A Darden, USA
- July 29, 2015

Amazing deals. I am happy with the quick and easy transaction, miles were posted after 1 day. I'll be using you again very soon. Thank you.

A Mitar, India
- July 29, 2015

Have now used The Mileage Club 4 times, amazing service every time !!

A Sivas, Micronesia, Chuuk State Federated states of Micronesia
- July 21, 2015

To all the micronesian who wants to purchase miles. The mileage club inc is the number one place to purchase your miles they have cheap price and you can fly anywhere you want. I am getting my miles for lower price and ready to go. please log on websites www.themileageclub.com and always stay on this page to get your miles. You can also get free bonus miles just by writing or share this page with another friend or many friends. So buy your miles right now if you do not have enough miles to fly where ever you want to go. This is not only for one airline, you can buy miles for any airlines around the world. Thanks everyone. go buy your miles now for lower price

J Yau, Hong Kong
- July 12, 2015

We been using TMC for about 6 years, with excellent and professional. We are happy to continuous with TMC.

Ben , USA
- July 07, 2015

Amazing service. Miles were purchased and everything transferred seamlessly. You can track progress via link in email they provide. Very pleased and would highly recommend.

P Kerry, Australia
- June 30, 2015

Great company to work with. The miles came very quickly. Would recommend to all my friends and family.

K S., Marshall Islands
- May 18, 2015

I got my mileage transferred within 72 miles as I did my initial transfer request over the weekend during closing hours. Am one happy and satisfied customer! Will recommend this to my family and friends.

Y Cui, China
- May 07, 2015

A little bit slowly deposit on my account, called twice to solve it. But, still a good deal.

Ingrid , Marshall Islands
- April 30, 2015

I was skeptical at first! Now, I'm one happy lady! Great deal! Excellent service! Impressed with how quickly I got the miles in my account and how easy it was!

PVS , United States
- April 15, 2015

Very impressed. Miles transferred within 30 mins! Excellent attention from staff.

H Hunter, Australia
- March 01, 2015

Very impressed with how quickly the points reached my account. Thanks

M Pau, USA
- March 01, 2015

I needed a few thousands miles to make up a business award. I stumbled upon this website and within a day, the miles were in my account. I am planning my next trip and will definitely look for their help if I'm short on miles.

W Chen, USA
- February 27, 2015

Raj is one of the most helpful Customer Service manager i have ever talked to. Great deal. Paid yesterday and got the miles tlday within 24 hours.

J Derbyshire, USA
- February 02, 2015

Saved me over 30% on the extra miles needed for a dream trip! Thanks for the great service and super fast transfer time.

N Bond, USA
- January 06, 2015

We were short 20,000 United miles for 2 trans Atlantics and found 'themileageclub' through Google. I called their office after business hours and left a message.To my surprise, I received a call back that night. Within a couple of hours the miles we bought were in our United mileageplus account and I was able to conclude our trans Atlantic booking. I must say, I was impressed with the service we received from the mileageclub and will definitely buy miles from them again.

J Hinman, USA
- December 19, 2014

Amazing service - much cheaper than trying to buy miles through the airline. I will continue to use TMC to top-up miles when needed so that I can upgrade. I've been looking for a service like this for ages!

j j, United States
- November 21, 2014

Right on the money

M Arumugham, United States
- November 18, 2014

My original purchase would have saved me $50 on the purchase which didn't go through due to a glitch on your system. Hope you can resolve this amicably. That said, i am planning to use your service for my future needs.

B Grieff, United States
- November 13, 2014

wonderful and easy - thanks so much!

Wen , United States
- October 21, 2014

Good Service

m lewis, United States
- October 21, 2014

I've dealt with kRaj several times, and he never lets you down. Always delivers exacatly what he says -- every time.

d chrem, United States
- September 10, 2014

Excellent Service

Jeremy , San Francisco, United States
- September 05, 2014

Amazing service once again - 40+% cheaper than any other way I know of buying miles. This time I needed to shore up for an upcoming trip to NY from SF and the miles were transferred within 5 minutes. Well-done!

Michel , Portland, United States
- August 12, 2014

Exceptional. Fast reponse, excellent communications. I bought the miles on a Saturday and they were in my account when I woke up Monday.

Scott , Katy, United States
- July 27, 2014

Very easy. I was a little concerned because there was not much status.

Jeremy , San Francisco, United States
- July 25, 2014

Amazing - I will be using this service a lot...

AY , Singapore
- July 03, 2014

This is great! I was able to purchase the additional miles I needed (at a good discount) to fly business class on my trip.

Esana , New York, United States
- July 11, 2014

Searched the internet for this sort of service! thank you

Tony , Lenexa, United States
- July 15, 2014

Prompt, good communication, exceeded my expectations.

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