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Korean Air is among the top airlines in the world and offers you the best traveling experience with a prime focus on the quality of services, innovation and eminence. It was voted as the best airline in 2012 by Business Traveler Magazine and since then it has maintained its impressive reputation quite well.

Customer Reviews

s Lee, korea
- February 18, 2018

Great Service!! Awesome ^^

S Shin, Korea, republic of
- February 15, 2018

Fast and reliable service. This is the easest way to get additional mileage. Highly recommended

S Suh, USA
- February 15, 2018


j park, korea
- February 15, 2018

Amazing !!!

Khalifah , South Korea
- February 14, 2018

Lets just put it this way. It worked.

b baek, ????
- February 14, 2018

? ??? ?? ???? ?? ????.... ??? ???

d Kim, korea
- February 12, 2018

?? ?? ???

H Pj, South Korea
- February 12, 2018

To be honest, I'm happily waiting for the bonus coming in a month to buy a mileage. I'm planning to fly over to Hawaii with my family, and will be able to upgrade all of my family's seat to business class. Sooo exited. :)

? ?, Korea
- February 12, 2018

It would have been nice if I knew the service a little sooner

Y Erin, South Korea
- February 12, 2018

Glad that I found this service

??? , Best Way to buy mileage~!!
- February 12, 2018

I strongly recommand this website~

J Bruce, korean
- January 22, 2018


W Chrisananda, Thailand
- December 30, 2017

Planning to visit Japan but only need a little more points so i can fly in Business Class. Decided to buy more miles so i dont miss this comfy flight !

C Hammond, USA
- December 27, 2017

Great deal! Super easy

M Woods, USA
- December 13, 2017

Love it! Worked great.

P Kong, USA
- December 13, 2017

Purchased a bunch of miles - it was easy to do and worked well overall. It would be nice to not to have to buy so many in one go.

??? , South Korea
- December 13, 2017

good site

K Moss, Ireland
- December 10, 2017

A little overpriced

M Jeong, south korea
- November 21, 2017

it was lovely deal for my honeymoon!

S Phillips, United States of America
- October 13, 2017

So far The Mileage Club has been easy to navigate

E Jin, Korea
- October 08, 2017

It's amazing! I love mileage club. I'll come back soon!

S Chung, South Korea
- September 12, 2017

I should've known this, it is really good tool to use our mileage in effective way.

J Choi, United States
- August 21, 2017

Nice way to get extra mileage when you need it.

J Knuerr, USA
- August 21, 2017


A Favier, Korea
- August 02, 2017

It allows me to buy super cheap business seat for the price of economy,

T Quang, US
- July 27, 2017

Great service

C Kim, UnitedStates
- July 27, 2017

easy and fast!

- July 21, 2017

First time user, expecting a great experience

A Min, korea
- July 18, 2017

It is great and I hope Asiana will be updated on one day.

W Xiong, USA
- June 23, 2017

It is amazing!!!

G Hwang, South Korea
- June 14, 2017

This deal is good

D Kim, USA
- April 28, 2017

It is really easy to use

J Kim, korean
- April 19, 2017

My friends told this is good deal!

G Kim, korea
- April 15, 2017

this is very good deal. way cheaper than buying at delat.

K Singh, Malaysia
- April 09, 2017

Good job on supplying me the miles i needed

J Y., Korea Sth
- March 14, 2017

Great opportunity to buy insufficient miles!

A J., United States
- March 06, 2017

Amazing and easy! Love it! :D

D Yoh, USA
- January 24, 2017

the real deal

B Owen, Netherlands
- January 02, 2017

A little pricy per mile but seems to be useful and website easy to use

E Basco, United States
- December 31, 2016

The mileage club leaves no problems to worry about when purchasing miles.

J Cheng, usa
- December 01, 2016

good deal !

L Aquino, USA
- November 28, 2016

Have been looking at this site for a good while.....looks legit and clean though limited reviews. So today i finally signed up for membership and am gonna try my first purchase. I must admit that currently i m still skeptical but hopefully my faith and trust in you will turn out well.

- October 12, 2016

Awesome deal and I love it

May , United States
- October 02, 2016

It works, and gold member worth the value.

??? , South Korea
- August 02, 2016

This site seems great!

Rachel , USA
- July 10, 2016

Great deal!

S Kong, Singapore
- February 28, 2016

Love it

I Jimenez, United States
- February 20, 2016

This website is great for deals and I am looking forward to using them in the near future!

S Jong-Yow, USA
- February 11, 2016

i am amazed how quickly you guys deposit the mileage into my account. That mileages instantly qualify me for upgrading to the business class for the trans-pacific flight. perfect!!!

S Jong-Yow, USA
- January 29, 2016

great website

S Jong-Yow, United States
- January 27, 2016

I have a lot of questions on this site and not sure how this can work with my existing mieage account. the customer survice did answer most of my questions. I feel more comfortable and ready to jump in and purchase some miles and see if they can help me to upgrade my next trans-pacific flight to the business class. Stay tune for my update fellows!! Steve

S Noh, uea
- January 05, 2016

It was such wonderful service, I had few question so I ask by email and I got really quick response form sales rep. I will recommend everyone use it. ^_^/

S Noh, USA
- January 04, 2016

I like it very much for business class.

S Chui, UAE
- December 15, 2015

Really fast turn around and amazing service, I was able to redeem the miles and fly in First Class like a dream come true!

C Kim, us
- November 14, 2015

a little cheap

D Lew, USA
- October 06, 2015

Customer service is very friendly and helpful.

??? , Korea
- September 18, 2015


C Yu, China
- August 29, 2015

very good

P Tran, thailand
- April 27, 2015

Expensive than other programs but good services

B Gabelman, United States
- October 03, 2014

Very attentive and personalized. An A+!

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