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Cathay air miles

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Cathay Pacific Airline Miles

The largest airline of Hong Kong Cathay Pacific is one of the world’s best. It won Skytrax’s 2014 Airline of the Year Award and has been the recipient of the ‘World’s Best Airline’ award four times which is more than any other airline. This alone speaks volumes of Cathay Pacific’s class and service. Its first and business class lounges are rated as the best in the world and flying with Cathay is an experience many remember for a long time.

Customer Reviews

L Sijie, China
- April 04, 2018

Love this site!

S Bringsteen, Australia
- March 18, 2018

We've used the system before and know that it does work as advertised, but you could make life simpler with a more detailed Help / FAQ list. For example, can miles be transferred to a third party? Seems the only way to find out is to email or call during 9-5 EST.

J Luo, Canada
- March 15, 2018

Will try to use the reward exchange service more.

A Wang, USA
- February 11, 2018

I really like this website! it helps us save money to get miles! Useful Web!

B Law, Hong Kong
- January 18, 2018

I will recommend this page to others.

R Lim, Australia
- January 02, 2018

Great service and super good deals! I am glad that I am introduced to this service by a business group that i join. I will continue to use this services when planning a trip!

H Wittwer, Switzerland
- December 07, 2017

Worked perfect! Received the credit on my account within 2days!!

H Wittwer, Switzerland
- December 05, 2017

sounds promising - will post more when i get experience - cheers from Switzerland

N Susanto, Indonesia
- November 28, 2017

Good deal.. I love it

kv , Thailand
- November 12, 2017

Haven't started yet any transaction. Will try and see how it goes.

D Haggart, Singapore
- October 27, 2017

As always superfast service. Thanks Mileage Club.javascript:submitReviewForm()

L Hang, Hong Kong
- September 14, 2017

Convenient and efficient

S Agarwal, India
- September 04, 2017

I like to visit my country whenever I got chance

M F, singapore
- August 24, 2017

so-so could be better value

Y Wang, australia
- August 23, 2017

grreat deal

D Elmer, Hong Kong
- August 21, 2017

Great deal & quick transfer of miles!

P Yee, Hong Kong
- August 10, 2017

awesome !!

akira , China
- August 08, 2017

The deal looks promising. It would be great if I can see how the purchase works end to end in advance.

- July 30, 2017

The BEST & MOST EFFICIENT deal to upgrade a ticket to BSN or FIRST. The amazing point is IT WORKS !

L Chang, Taiwan
- July 17, 2017

Awesome! Get good deal!!

- July 08, 2017


S Tsang, Hong Kong
- July 02, 2017

very nice program

O Tong, Australi
- June 25, 2017

I've had a friend use this and I must say, it really works well!

J Chen, Australia
- May 02, 2017

Very easy to use

J Deng, canada
- April 20, 2017

very useful , good

M Farhan, HK
- March 29, 2017


M Mari, Taiwan
- February 19, 2017

Good way to get cheaper miles

T Mengfan, Canada
- January 28, 2017

Fantastic. Got it in 2days

J Cote, Canada
- January 08, 2017

I travel to Asia and Europe from Vancouver this mileage club system save me time and money I am very happy to give it a try

J Ma, Hong kong
- January 07, 2017

Good deal

T Chiang, Canada
- December 05, 2016

Good Deal

G Hok, hong kong
- November 10, 2016

Wow, at the beginning I'm a little skeptical. But now, I will highly recommend Mileage Club to you. I'm pretty sure I will be a frequent buyer with them.

M Bun, hongkong
- November 07, 2016

trying it out

T Chui, US
- November 07, 2016

Great redemption rate!

V Couson, France
- November 05, 2016

Easy and straight forward. Great deal !

V Couson, France
- November 05, 2016

Easy and straight forward. Great deal !

N Anwyl-Davies, Hong Kong
- November 04, 2016

How can you not take advantage of this deal!

N Anwyl-Davies, Kong Kong
- November 04, 2016

Best deal for those travelling long distances

S Mand, Hong Kong
- October 31, 2016

Very easy and simple to use

G Hok, USA
- October 28, 2016

Superb ! good customer service and fast transaction. Highly recommended.

A Tsui, Hong Kong
- October 14, 2016


W Budhi, Sweden
- September 28, 2016

Great Service!

R Butler, Indonesia
- September 28, 2016

Free miles for signing up is great!

JP , Hong Kong
- September 19, 2016

Great deal, very quick and seamless process

A Pang, Canada
- September 12, 2016

Very cheap!

F Xavier, Singapore
- September 07, 2016

Fast & Efficient.

G Chen, Indonesia
- September 01, 2016

Monday morning Indonesian time paying order.. Monday night Indonesian time order processed and transfer miles.. Thursday morning purchased miles appear to my asiamiles account.. Thursday morning bought CathayPasific tickets using the miles.. Done! Good deal for my next vacation / holiday

D Munir, Indonesia
- August 18, 2016


J Nguyen, Viet Nam
- August 05, 2016


R Siht, Australia
- August 03, 2016

Haven't gone through with this yet, but very keen!

T Wong, Hong Kong
- July 15, 2016

I am testing it out now...will feedback if the works are good!

A Wong, Hong Kong
- June 20, 2016

Thanks for themileageclub! I can get sufficient miles for my honeymoon trip!

G Karu, Australia
- June 17, 2016

Prompt response. Will be using them often.

J Norris-Ongso, Australia
- June 16, 2016

my partner put me onto your site and I agree with him what an amazing way to get affordable business class redemptions

J Norris-Ongso, Australia
- June 16, 2016

my partner put me onto your site and I agree with him what an amazing way to get affordable business class redemptions

P Norris-Ongso, Australia
- June 16, 2016

I am glad I found your site. Cathay is one of my favourite airlines but I have used all my points. I now need to get 2 redemption tickets for my family MEL-HKG and with your service I can do it. They are so happy they wont be travelling in Economy.

J Sisk, USA
- June 15, 2016

These deals are phenomenal.... Far and away the cheapest way to buy miles!!

J Chin, United Kingdom
- June 13, 2016

My transaction of Cathay Asia Miles went through without a hitch. It took exactly two days for the transaction to be credited to the Asia Miles account. This is definitely legit and recommended!

J Chin, United Kingdom
- June 04, 2016

I needed to top up my Asia Miles account to redeem a couple business seats on a trans-Pacific flight. TMC's deal looked too good to be true but after a bit of background research, I decided the risk was acceptable. The online purchasing process went through without a hitch, and it was reassuring to see the additional verification (scanned image of passport ID, etc.). It took exactly two days for the miles to be credited to my Asia Miles account, speedier than miles I have transferred from credit cards! So this is definitely a legit service, and one I will likely use again in the future.

J Freeman, USA
- May 31, 2016

Your website needs a little bit of an update. Loading is a little slow, and the graphics need some alignment correction. Other than that, no complaints.

C Hunting, Hong Kong
- May 19, 2016

The Mileage Club is awesome... delivers exactly what it says it does! Thank you!

P R, Australia
- May 05, 2016

Great value miles. Looking forward to my flight!

C Nichols, USA
- April 30, 2016

Excellent service!

A Mohiadeen, Hong kong
- April 15, 2016

It's fast and secure

V Malhotra, United States
- April 10, 2016

This is the second time that I m using the Mileage Club. I find it a great way to bridge the gap between miles I have and miles I need to travel comfortably . Nice !

Sarah , Singapore
- April 05, 2016

First time using!

J Bardem, USA
- March 30, 2016

Need more great deals like this!

P Pao, Canada
- March 23, 2016

Bought mileage points last year & just completed my travel... Really like it ^ will buy again on my next trip.

G Chen, Indonesia
- March 15, 2016

very interesting deal.. i think this is the alternative way to collect miles point..

P Sze, Hong kong
- February 02, 2016

My first time using it!

- January 22, 2016

The website is easy to navigate and the prices are really good

Miochan , HKSAR
- January 13, 2016

Very quick

DT , Hong Kong
- January 11, 2016

This is a very easy to use site, and offers a good deal for us frequent flyers.

Satoshi , HongKong
- January 11, 2016

Easy to buy !

Satoshi , HongKong
- January 11, 2016

Easy to buy !

S Nick, taiwan
- January 05, 2016

this is a great deal

S Goel, Hong Kong
- December 27, 2015

Super efficient and cheap. Everyone should try this.

D Runser, Hong Kong
- December 26, 2015

Everything worked well!

C Choi, Hong Kong
- December 18, 2015

Simple and fast

B Boo, USA
- December 12, 2015

Amazingly fast and got my miles in 24 hour turnaround. I will definitely reorder miles. The only thing i suggest is that we can join the club without having to sign up with Facebook or Linkedin for privacy.

C Choi, Hong Kong
- December 03, 2015

Great service and very help responses

- December 02, 2015

THIS IS MY FIRST TIME TO USE, looking forward to it

C Choi, Hong Kong
- November 25, 2015

It is a great way to get miles wihtout waiting

W Cheung, Hong Kong
- November 18, 2015

This site offers great deal and wide range of selections

C Ellis, Hong Kong
- October 18, 2015

Great Site. Simple to use and user friendly. Would recommend to others.

Ashley , Hong kong
- October 02, 2015

Great price!!!!!!

P Chu, Canada
- September 17, 2015

Looks legitimate, hopefully it works.

- September 14, 2015


A To, Hong Kong
- September 07, 2015

The miles' purchase is cost effective when comparing with other means,such as credit card's reward points transfer, not to mention buying business or first class tickets through the travel agents or airlines.

N Elbaze, France
- September 04, 2015

Great !!

George , Hong Kong
- August 24, 2015

Very convenient and interesting concept of miles!

H Wang, Australia
- August 04, 2015

I have purchased 100k+140k miles for Cathay flights. I have fly to China several times using these points and it cost 45% of what it will usually cost. I am very happy with the service and will recommend everyone to take advantage of this excellent offer.

Josh , USA
- April 29, 2015

Was really skeptical at first, but got my miles as promised in my account within 72 hours!! #gem

George , Canada
- April 17, 2015

I was a little worried about buying points online but it was SO easy! Points were in my account within 24 hours and Raj was great on the phone - had a bit of trouble with my credit card because it wasn't an american card but was all sorted with a phone call! Fantastic

A To, Hong Kong
- January 05, 2015

The staff service was pretty good, especially on the efficiency of the staff in responding the emails. Besides, the transfer of mileage points was unexpectedly expeditious. I can now enjoy the upgrade of my flight in the next trip! Thanks, the Mileage Club.

Kenneth , London, United Kingdom
- August 13, 2014

Customer service from Raj was great. Your payment system is lousy. It has now rejected 5 different credit cards of mine, latterly for "incorrect address". I believe this is because you demand a STATE. If I leave the sate blank, it is rejected. If I insert LONDON, it is declined. BUT THEN, IT STILL CHARGES MY CREDIT CARD-SORT IT OUT!

Elisabeth , Adelaide, Australia
- June 14, 2014

Awesome, simply awesome. As described, super quick and I've got a BC flight booked for a fraction of the cost. Totally delivered on what it says.

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