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Singapore air miles

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Singapore is a leading name in the airline industry and has been for many years. It is famous for its exceptional facilities and overall flying experience. Singapore First and Business Class are ranked one of the best in the world consistently. It ranks in the top 15 carries worldwide in terms of revenue passenger kilometres and also the tenth in the world for the number of international passengers carried. By market capitalization it is the second biggest airline in the world. You can experience these top notch facilities by traveling with Singapore reward miles.

Customer Reviews

A Misra, Singapore
- June 02, 2018

Great deal, this service just works! Super happy.

- May 26, 2018


D Poh, Japan
- May 23, 2018

Lightning fast!

M Looi, Singapore
- May 10, 2018

Reliable, fast and convenient!

H Anh, vietnam
- April 24, 2018

nice deals

J Bek, Singapore
- April 19, 2018

This is awesome. With the miles, i can fly business class anytime!

M Goel, India
- April 19, 2018

Ultimate Experience

??? , KOREA
- April 16, 2018


K Jung, S.Korea
- April 05, 2018

really good

Y Oey, Australia
- March 28, 2018

Great concept as this allows you to fly higher class with heaps lower price!!

Z Yang, Singapore
- March 23, 2018

Awesome way to buy miles rather than earn them slowly via credit card spendings. And it's a really great idea too! Planning on a Europe trip with wife and going to buy miles here for the business class tickets!

- March 21, 2018

very great deal

K k, Singapore
- March 13, 2018

Great value and fast transfer! Thanks !

G Qiang, Singapore
- February 08, 2018


S Thye, Singapore
- January 23, 2018

It is useful for me to buy additional miles for redemption

J Ang, Singapore
- January 17, 2018

Very efficient and swift, reliable service - got the miles credited to my account within less than 48 hours of payment.

W Staub, Switzerland
- January 04, 2018

Was just a great experience

P Grapes, United States
- January 01, 2018

great deal!

C Chee, Singapore
- December 26, 2017

Bought my air miles for recently and I must say the TMC is very efficient in transfering the miles. I do recommend this site. Excellent service and very reliable.

D Choi, Korea
- December 08, 2017

We'll see if this works out... hopefully... ;)

V Tan, Singapore
- December 04, 2017

I love how easy the whole process is

Nav , Australia
- December 04, 2017

Hopefully this works

B Molesworth, Australia
- November 09, 2017

Great deal on Singapore Airline Miles and easy to use service.

R Louzã, US
- October 31, 2017

You can find cheaper miles on other sites.

Dave , Australia
- September 28, 2017

Easy and prompt

N Hogen, Germany
- September 22, 2017

Great value deal!

M Michelle, singapore
- September 07, 2017

really easy and fast to purchase the miles. I recommend!

John , United Kingdom
- July 25, 2017

Great quick deals

T Thatcher, Singapore
- July 23, 2017

The people's way to fly!

D Angels, Australia
- July 19, 2017

Best deal for Singapore Airlines especially when you need to travel first or business on those long flights.

H Tien, singapore
- July 16, 2017

nice webste

F Harsono, Indonesia
- July 09, 2017

Its a good way to earn miles when I need more.

A Kin, Singapore
- June 28, 2017

What a great way to fly !

Talib , Singapore
- June 27, 2017

Probably one of the cheapest option for krisflyer miles I guess

A Arora, India
- June 27, 2017

Great value for money. The program give Krisflyer points much cheaper than their site.

Z Tan, China
- June 26, 2017

Fast and very good service.

C Beaton, UK
- June 25, 2017

Amazing service!

N Andrews, UK
- May 28, 2017

Great Deal! Hope it comes through!

F Munut, Australia
- May 24, 2017

Very reliable and have had no complaints

M Diaz, Brunei
- May 19, 2017


M Touitou, France
- May 12, 2017

A great deal and miles credited in a short time. Highly recommended

V Malik, Singapore
- May 11, 2017

fantastic service! works as advertised.

R Koh, Singapore
- May 05, 2017


S Alasiri, new zealand
- May 01, 2017

thank you

A Goh, singapore
- April 19, 2017

this service is great

Z Aizat, Singapore
- April 07, 2017

Best Deal.

H Hirano, Singapore
- March 30, 2017

Great Offer and services, use their service as much as possible for my next trip!!

A Ng, Singapore
- March 24, 2017

Super great price for the miles!

K Flora, Australia
- March 15, 2017

LOVE this service!!

D Cotterill, USA
- March 08, 2017

WOW Awesomeness! Purchased online Sunday, received verification email Monday, received processed email Tuesday, and points credited to my FF Account Wednesday! Very happy, very impressed, will definitely sign up as a Gold Member to receive the extra discounts on future mileage purchases. So happy TMC exists, wish I had known about them sooner! A+++ rating all the way!

A Yap, Singapore
- March 04, 2017

Miles was transferred very fast upon payment. So far so gd!

M Eigenmann, Switzerland
- March 03, 2017

Great opportunity to buy missing miles!

A Teo, Singapore
- March 01, 2017

Love it! Very good.

A Low, Singapore
- March 01, 2017

Wonderful as always. I have brought miles from TMC since 1 year ago and they never disappoint.

M Quek, Singapore
- February 24, 2017

TMC, Best thing my friend recommended me! Definitely going to be using TMC to buy my miles!

A Lourie, Australia
- February 07, 2017

Great way to get Frequent Flyer points needed

K Afable, Singapore
- February 05, 2017

The airline miles seem quite reasonable

yvette , Singapore
- February 05, 2017

reliable abd great for those who would like to upgrade but do not have enough miles

A Teo, Singapore
- January 24, 2017

Fantastic site, easy to use, and i got my miles really quickly!

K Bhayakaporn, Thailand
- January 18, 2017

Very fast transfer of mile. Thank you for very good service.

O Sanchez, Singapore
- January 11, 2017

The rates are super competitive. This is a great service and I'm glad I found it.

- January 10, 2017

I was incredibly worried about using this site at first, so I only purchased the minimum amount allowed, but the miles were deposited into my account in a timely manner, thumbs up!

J Tan, Singapore
- January 04, 2017

A happy return purchase! Thank you.

G Ng, Singapore
- January 02, 2017

I have used this service twice and am impressed by their speed of service. Extremely efficient and reliable.

J Tan, Singapore
- January 01, 2017

Thank you for making up the extra miles for my ticket!

T Chee, Singapore
- December 27, 2016

Fantastic, fast delivery of miles at a good price!

C Peng, hong kong
- December 22, 2016

not bad, still trying to figure our how to transfer the free 5000 miles to my frequent flyer account

W Fürer-Chin, Malaysia
- December 17, 2016

good to find a way to get more miles.

L Qin, Singapore
- December 16, 2016

Amazing site!

S Cremer, Germany
- December 15, 2016

Miles credited quickly. Very much appreciated!

Jo , Singapore
- November 30, 2016

Just completed my very first purchase and the miles were posted within 24hrs - thank you! However, the let-down was the free miles that were promised with my purchase were not transferred to me so now I am missing that bit of miles in order to make a redemption. I am disappointed with this overlook that could potentially wreck all my plans :( I hope you can make the necessary amendments soon! Else it would certainly be a 5-Star rating!

W Thongchumnum, Thailand
- November 26, 2016

Everything's great!

B Sia, Singapore
- November 08, 2016

Reliable and fast transfer of miles

H Kim, Singapore
- November 04, 2016

Great deal!

E Parkhouse, singapore
- November 02, 2016

I give this deal all the stars!! My second time buying and this time i went for 100,000 miles. Seamless and it's slightly more than some life miles when they are on promotion. So hopefully Mileage club will look at being competitive to Life miles. I 'll certainly continue to buy on this site.

A Low, Singapore
- October 27, 2016

Used this to make up the points and bought a biz class ticket for half the airline price. Was a bit apprehensive initially but once the points were in, everything was smooth.

D Thum, Singapore
- October 25, 2016

Very easy to understand website. Can't wait to receive my miles

J Lim, singapore
- October 23, 2016

tried for the first time. Am very happy with this.

P Edward, Singapore
- October 12, 2016

Buy with confidence, all transactions went through smoothly and processed speedily!

A S, Singapore
- October 10, 2016

Great way to travel cheap! I'm so glad I found this website. I hope you guys stick around for a long time to come.

- September 29, 2016

Very glad to have found this site to help me travel in comfort and style

Y Taslim, Indonesia
- September 29, 2016

Great price for singapore miles. Loving it!

P Chao, Singapore
- September 29, 2016

We enjoyed big savings on our holidays trips in Europe last Dec with family. Thank you TMC.

R Casidy, Australia
- September 22, 2016

Very reasonable price and good service

DL , Singapore
- September 19, 2016

Great deal. Miles were transferred in a couple of working days. Will try again for a future trip.

O Suarez, Australia
- September 06, 2016

Great idea, looking forward to seeing the miles

P Paul, singapore
- September 05, 2016

Great Savings. Looking forward to receive my mileages.

Paul , Singapore
- September 05, 2016

Great savings. Looking forward to receive my mileage!

E Lee, Australia
- September 04, 2016

So far, everything sounds and looks great. I will buy the miles and see how it all goes after I travel on the reward flight

E Lee, Australia
- September 03, 2016

So far everything looks great. Will be purchasing miles shortly and will report back once I have travelled on the award flight

L La, Singapore
- August 28, 2016

Speedy, efficient, trustworthy.

L Ng, Singapore
- August 17, 2016

Very easy and transfer was fast!

V S., australia
- August 07, 2016

nice website and good deals on offer

E Parkhouse, Singapore
- July 29, 2016

Trying it for the first time and "liking" that i can get 5000 miles free if I jump through hoops!! ;-)

A Low, Singapore
- July 12, 2016

You can get 5,000 free miles from The Mileage Club, this is very easy and convenient way to purchase airline miles. Love it so much!!

C Tan, Singapore
- May 31, 2016

Transfer was successful and fast. Will definitely use it again.

S Kurniati, Indonesia
- May 26, 2016

Good service

D Chin, Singapore
- May 14, 2016

Good deal! highly recommended

A Soong, Taiwan
- May 03, 2016

Prompt services.

A L, Singapore
- May 02, 2016

Awesome site

H Ng, Singapore
- April 10, 2016

Using this for the first time. Simple to use, and great marketing technique in terms of offering free miles for customers to promote the site.

H Jake, japan
- April 07, 2016

easy to earn miles

Johnny , New Zealand
- April 07, 2016

Can finally get to London without having to go through all the troubles in cattle class. Recommended it to everyone I know!

S Rehu, New Zealand
- April 07, 2016

Can finally get to London without having to go through all the troubles in cattle class. Recommended it to everyone I know!

R Cheng, Singapore
- April 05, 2016

Very user-friendly. Just need to improve the design of the website to look less 'gimmicky', and instead should look more professional and trustworthy (Currently too many huge visuals clouding the webpage)

Carleigh , Australia
- March 28, 2016


L Lee, Singapore
- March 24, 2016

Bought the miles for the 2nd time. Good savings

J Jihouse, United States
- March 21, 2016

Very good rates on miles.

Wayne , Australia
- March 21, 2016

Great tTo deal with fast and as promised I will be doing this again soon.

S Rajkovic, Australia
- March 15, 2016

The Mileage Club. Very helpful and understanding. I will be doing business with them again in the near future.

G Ng, Singapore
- March 15, 2016

My 2nd time using this website. Yet they never cease to amaze me with their efficiency.

WL , Singapore
- March 10, 2016

easy to purchase the miles ... just waiting for it to appear in my account :)

L Lee, Singapore
- March 10, 2016

Best deal ever

A Ariff, australia
- February 21, 2016

good deal!!

D Kennedy, Hong Kong
- February 16, 2016

This site is certainly a cheaper option than accumulating points through a credit card program. I'd thoroughly recommend it.

C Koh, Singapore
- February 16, 2016

Quick response and fast service. Well done!

J Pereira, USA
- January 31, 2016

Very informative site and great to use !!

M Paul, USA
- January 26, 2016

Comparing the prices for miles here for Singapore miles vs buying them directly from SA, TMC is t a great bargain -- less than half price! Highly recommend.

W Ang, Singapore
- January 20, 2016

I have signed up for the Gold membership. Really attractive rates on the miles. Awaiting for the miles to be credited =)

P Vlasany, Czech republic
- January 15, 2016

Simply wonderful

J Jun, SG
- January 12, 2016

Very good deal

N Hiroaki, singapore
- January 11, 2016


S Müller, Switzerland
- January 04, 2016

Great Deal

K Sufi, Malaysia
- January 01, 2016

The reply was prompt and professional!

Benjamin , singapore
- December 21, 2015

Fast and easy!

J Tan, USA
- December 16, 2015

Easy and convenient

A Chou, Singapore
- December 15, 2015

Fast and awesome deal

V Ng, Singapore
- December 13, 2015

Fast respond. Transfer in less than 3 days. Would strongly recommend this site!!

N Jain, India
- December 10, 2015

Fly first @ business prices

A Mundra, India/Singapore
- December 08, 2015

Just used the website for the first time and have bought miles. Hopefully things go well

N Somaiya, singapore
- December 01, 2015

perfect delivery of what they said. raj was very helpful. thanks for prompt service. this is much cheaper and faster.

W Lee, Singapore
- November 14, 2015

Good Deal

A Law, Singapore
- November 05, 2015

Booking Business class here will definetly save

R Yee, singapore
- November 05, 2015


Rach , Singapore
- November 03, 2015

Great deal!

- October 25, 2015

Best deal and user friendly

J Leong, Singapore
- October 25, 2015

Awesome. Fast and efficient.

- October 22, 2015

best deal

M mei, Singapore
- October 14, 2015

Miles transferred in a jiffy. The mileage site of choice.

S Sulaiha, Singapore
- October 08, 2015

this is cool

S Tjokro-Lau, Singapore
- September 25, 2015

Unbelieveable!!! The Mileage Club let me I buy 2 first class suite tickets with Singapore Airline at a price lower than business class! I will definitely recommend all travellers who wish to travel in comfort at a fraction of commercial price. THANK YOU TMC!!!!!!!

S Tjokro-Lau, Singapore
- September 24, 2015

THANK YOU!!! No gimmick, no hassle, buy with CONFIDENCE!! Miles was credited within 24hours :)))

S Tjokro-Lau, Singapore
- September 24, 2015

THANK YOU!!! No gimmick, no hassle, buy with CONFIDENCE!! Miles was credited within 24hours :)))

F Roussotte, USA
- September 12, 2015

Great website!

F Florence, USA
- September 12, 2015

Highly recommended!

L Liow, Singapore
- August 30, 2015

Great service!

A Lee, Singapore
- August 24, 2015

Deal looks very attractive, cheaper than buying tickets.

J Yu, singapore
- August 18, 2015

v fast response

D Drummer, Australia
- August 16, 2015

Great website....

m flighttravels, singapore
- August 01, 2015

gd service

A Tay, Singapore
- July 30, 2015

Fantastic way to buy miles. Great value!

K Kuek, singapore
- June 29, 2015

prompt and reliable! highly recommended. will buy from mileage club again :)

K Koh, Singapore
- June 21, 2015

Was a little skeptical at first but this worked out well! Had a few run ins with the checkout process as I was ordering a large quantity of points but just be patient and the miles will arrive! Will definitely order through TMC again!

M Ling, Singapore
- May 15, 2015

Amazing and great service from The Mileage Club. Read all the good reviews and decided to give it a try as I am short of miles. The miles was into my account within 48 hours.

T Chee, Singapore
- April 27, 2015

Incredible! It was fast and reliable. At first very skeptical.

Z Cheng, Singaproe
- April 22, 2015

The whole took less than 3days for the mileage to appear in my account. Be patient with the checkout, afew times I closed off accidentally while it is still processing. Otherwise, very good service!

Z Cheng, SG
- April 22, 2015

Excellent service, second time using them!

Annie , Singapore
- March 21, 2015

Very prompt. Was skeptical at first, but when saw the miles in my account, was totally convinced. Will buy again

Rashmi , Singapore
- March 10, 2015

Prompt, efficient and excellent ! Raj and the team are extremely helpful. I have been using this website for 1.5 years now. Miles are delivered within 24hrs of payment!

leon , Australia
- February 03, 2015

very straight forward and you save so much money!

O Wood, Australia
- January 26, 2015

Used the Mileage Club twice now and my most recent purchase I managed to get two business class tickets for less than the price of one! Provided you book reasonably in advanced, it is a sure way to save some serious dollars! Awesome service for savvy flyers.

R Siswanto, Singapore
- November 26, 2014

Fantastic... My first experience but the service, lead time, etc are great.... Definitely I will purchase again on my next upcoming trip.....

A Zullhairy, Singapore
- October 30, 2014

Did not get call or email for verification. Had to call to enquire about order status before being told verification required. Other than that, fast and excellent.

I Munro, Portugal
- October 18, 2014

Fantastic results!

H Chan, Singapore
- October 15, 2014

Simple and fantastic.

glenn , Japan
- September 30, 2014

Raj offered very good customer service, I will do business with you company again.

Paul , Melbourne, Australia
- August 25, 2014

it was good nice and dast will use again

Jade , Redbank, Australia
- July 29, 2014

fantastic and so simple!

Bryan , Singapore
- July 15, 2014

The website purchase did not work for me, but Raj provided excellent service to facilitate a manual purchase. Balancing the two experiences I rate the overall service as good.

Andrew , Singapore
- July 18, 2014

Great and prompt service. Very easy!

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