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I’m a person who has built a life around travelling. I’ve never had sleepless nights before a flight, I don’t fret over hotel bookings or what to eat and I don’t get homesick very often. Travelling comes naturally to me and that is why I make it a point to go discover a new city or country every year. I save up for the trip for around ten months and then I take off. Something that really helps is the frequent flyer programs especially if you travel by the same airlines. My airline of choice and convenience is Cathay Pacific. What really worked to my advantage this year was that bank became a partner company with Cathay Pacific, allowing me to earn miles while I used my credit card. I looked around for a suitable destination. I had my heart set on Maldives and the cost for a ticket in November was relatively cheap so I jumped at the chance.

Cathay Pacific Miles

I looked at partner hotels to Cathay Pacific and found a suitable one, booking a room there gave me more points so all I had to do was make up the difference buy buying Cathay Pacific miles. Once I had bought my award ticket I had a good amount of money left to be a bit relaxed with my other travel expenses.

Maldives hotel
Maldives was exactly what I needed after a year of hard work, a laid-back picturesque vacation. It was the whole nine yards, I booked a hotel at the capital island, Male, it was a small resort. It took me a day to have a look at the landmarks, I spend most of it relaxing in my hotel enjoying the splendid view. I loved the Independence Square, a little park with a big Maldivian flag, which has served as the center for political demonstrations. Believe it or not, I also enjoyed the stroll through the fish market nearby, where fishermen line their boats on the island deck delivering fresh fish for locals to sell; if you’re lucky you can see huge tuna and other types of fish delivered. One of the highlights of my trip was the 30-minute submarine ride from Whale Submarine Maldives. I, unfortunately, failed to spot a whale but the beautiful coral reefs underwater were a site to behold.
However when it came to the food, the restaurants at the resort islands fared much better than the ones at the central island, But the Sala Thai Resturant in Male was one I would recommend. In terms of shopping, the biggest shopping channel was on the main street, Majeedhee Magu where I saw everything being sold from clothing to electronics. For souvenir shopping, Chaandhanee Magu Street would be a better more popular option, but if you would like some cheap snacks that are not available on resorts, State Trade Organization is a high-quality supermarket which is worth a visit. All in all, make sure to book a hotel room on a resort island whether or not you choose to stay at Male is your choice. Resort islands are perfect slightly isolated spaces that are the stuff of dreams so you definitely don’t want to miss the experience. I came back refreshed and energized already saving up and earning miles for my next adventure abroad.

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Save Money On Business Class Tickets

Save Money On Business Class Tickets
Planning a trip to Maldives is not as easy as it sounds because it requires a lot of planning. It can take up to 500,000 airline miles to book a premium award seat. When I started planning my trip I quickly realized that it was going to take up to a year to earn 500,000 miles. In order to earn such a large amount, I would need to sign up to a new credit card, to earn bonus points and increase my spending as well. I figure since I already need to increase my spending, I might as well take a shortcut and buy Cathay miles instead. I purchased around 200,000 miles from The Mileage Club; because that is the amount I needed to book the award ticket. I ended up saving time, money and a lot of stress as well.

Some of you might be under the illusion that in order to buy Cathay miles from The Mileage Club you’d have to spend a lot of money. The Mileage Club offers airline miles at some of the lowest rates on the internet, cheaper than Cathay own price. At the end of the day, you’re saving a lot of money on your business or first class ticket.

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How To Book Your Flight To Maldives

Book Your Flight To Maldives
You can fly to Maldives with Cathay Pacific through Hong Kong, because that its international hub. The airline has a reputation of excellence. Those who fly in first and business class cabins travel in luxury and style. When flying in premium cabins you get to experience amazing in-flight products, amazing service, great champagne, and delicious food. Frequent flyers can easily use their AAdvantage miles to book their reward flight as well as buy Cathay Pacific miles from The Mileage Club.

Save Money & Stay At Park Hyatt Maldives

Stay At Park Hyatt Maldives
The Park Hyatt Maldives is one of the easiest resorts to book with miles and points. Per night Park Hyatt charges 25,000 Hyatt Points, which is not such a huge amount. Cathay Pacific is brand partners with Hyatt, Park Hyatt, Hyatt Regency, Grand Hyatt, Hyatt Palace, and Hyatt House. So when you buy Cathay miles for your flight, you can easily buy more in order to save money on your hotel expenses as well.

Use Oneworld Partners

Oneworld Partners
Cathay Pacific is a Oneworld partner, so frequent flyers can easily use their Cathay Pacific miles on other airlines such as American. You can also credit your flights to Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan because the airline offers 125% bonus with Cathay Pacific in Business Class, which gives frequent flyers the opportunity to earn 48,465 redeemable Alaska miles from their itinerary.

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When To Book The Flight To Save Money

The only reason you’re here is so you can learn how to save money on your ticket, right? Cathay Pacific miles will be helpful in securing cheap tickets to Maldives. But we recommend that you book your reward seats during offseason because there is a higher possibility of you actually coming across one. same tip is for people who want to save money on their ticket in general and are not looking into booking an award seat.

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