Why Malaysia Airline Is Still A Choice For Flying To Australia

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flying to Australia

Despite the chaos caused by the ill-fated MH370, the airline has still managed to survive and does its best to gain back the tarnished repute caused by the misery. One of Asia’s biggest network of airlines and the national carrier of Malaysia operates its flight daily to multiple destinations around the globe. It operates from its home base in Kuala Lumpur International Airport and offers the finest connectivity no matter which part of the world you may wish to explore.

The airline is also part of oneworld, making it affiliated with 30 popular airline carriers. This global alliance helps Malaysia Airline to achieve excellence and operate a tranquil flight to various parts of the globe.

Throughout all the three classes that the airline offers to its passengers, a high level of perfection is maintained throughout the years. The services of the airline have always been highly rated. Since the mishap of MH370, the airline has suffered crises in terms of financial losses and lack of trust among the passengers. The management has done its best to keep the operations normal, but still seem to struggle over it.

Malaysia Airline is still a great choice if you are flying to Australia. Yes, the country seems remote and far apart. When it comes to budgeted traveling and adventures, nothing in the world beats the astonishing Australia. From the hustle and bustle of Sydney to the divine beaches of the country, it is worth every dollar you spend!

Here are some of the reasons why it’s still a feasible option to choose Malaysia Airlines if you’re flying to Australia.

1. Huge Savings

Don’t we as travelers wish to cut down on costs whenever it’s possible? The good news is that Malaysia Airlines allows you to do so. With the increasingly tough competition and the aircraft disaster that took place, the airline has managed to stay part of the competition by introducing cheaper fares. From cutting down on airfare, choosing the best economical hotels from the airline’s webpage and getting an extra baggage allowance, passengers are better off choosing Malaysia Airlines. The airline allows 30kg for Economy and 40kg on its business class. What makes it even better? You can book your desired place in advance, instead of being stuck in an unpleasant seat on a long haul flight!

2. MHinsure


Being a resident of Australia, you can enjoy the perks of MHinsure when flying to international destinations. This insurance policy gives you the peace of mind which is much needed when you’re embarking on a journey. It ensures you stay away from mishaps and are well protected in every manner. With medical and travel assistance available round the clock, it comes out to be a blessing for the passengers.

3. Planning it the Best Way

Here’s the toughest part of a holiday, planning a trip in the best manner! Many struggle with it. Luckily, Malaysia Airline takes care of a lot of miseries if you fly to Australia. The airline helps you to explore the best of the country within your budget. The airline’s network operates to Sydney, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide. There’s certainly nothing like Australia on this planet, and Malaysia Airlines would help you to explore all the treasures in the country. Doing so, you’ll be able to experience the magic of Australia with the amazing airline and hotel deals through the airline.

4. Strong Alliance

Strong Alliance

Flights to Australia are one the best long haul flights when it comes to earning and redeeming miles. The strong alliance of Malaysia Airlines helps you to achieve this. As a oneworld traveller, you enjoy several perks. With a recognizable status across all the member airlines, flying becomes much more happening! Oneworld travellers also enjoy the benefits of staying at the luxurious lounges around the globe. Malaysia Enrich Silver, Malaysia Enrich Gold and Malaysia Enrich Platinum helps you to have a seamless journey with countless benefits when flying to Australia!

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