Ways You Can Prove To Be A Gentleman When You Travel Abroad

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Travel Abroad
You must always make an effort to act like a gentleman or ladylike, especially when you travel abroad. The title of ‘rude travelers’ is what we often end up awarding, especially to foreigners. When you travel, you represent a lot more than what you are. Your culture, country and background all reflect how you behave in a foreign land and are always subject to criticism. You need to think beyond just saving money.

Being in unfamiliar sand shouldn’t give you a green signal to act uncouth and uncivilized. Here are some practices you must adopt to earn the gentleman status when you travel abroad.

1. Dress at Your Best

Dress at Your Best

While comfort clothing is a must when you travel abroad, it is best to not getting carried away by being too comfortable. Airports are where you’ll come across flyers from all walks of life. Without sacrificing over your comforts, make an effort to dress at your best. Pay attention to details such as the choice of shoes and accessories. Your travel bag is also something that comes in the limelight so select it carefully.

2. Give Everyone the Personal Space You Need

Not everyone is at their best while traveling. Some become agitated a bit too quickly. It’s only fair enough to grant everyone some personal space. After all, don’t we all deserve to get some space of our own?

In the premium classes, this matters little because the luxuries are great. It’s never a pleasant sight for your seatmate if you’ve laid out all your personal belongings on your lap. The middle ones deserve the arm rest, so do not forcefully take up this little space they have.

3. Personal Hygiene

Personal Hygiene

Let’s admit this. It is a horrible feeling to travel with people who don’t care about personal hygiene. Walking around the airport or long travel hours can make you sweaty at times. Before you head off for a flight, a shower is a must. You should also invest in a good perfume or deodorant that you could carry everywhere. Most importantly, get a fresh pair of socks and wear shoes that don’t give out a horrible smell!

4. Reclining the Seat

This is probably something that bothers the travelers the most. Seat reclining is a huge matter that turns off your good mood upside down anytime. It’s fine if you wish to recline your seat. However, as a courtesy call, you must look back and check at what the person behind you is up to. If they are eating or working on their laptop, you’d only be very rude to demand more space of your own.

5. Treating the Elderly

Treating the Elderly

When you travel abroad, treating the elderly right is not exactly a cultural norm. It is something that makes us human. It’s extremely disappointing to be traveling in buses and trains and witnessing the elderly standing up while the younger ones rush to grab seats.

Everyone wishes to have a seat of their own while using public transportation. However, your good manners should always come first.

6. Adopting the Culture

Adopting the culture of the destination you are visiting is very important. All of us as travelers should make an effort to research about the cultural differences and adopt them equally. This goes from greetings to the dressing. This would help you to adjust to new surroundings quickly without feeling like an alien.

7. Using Sidewalks

Using Sidewalks

Travelers really need to educate themselves about the sidewalks. If you wish to walk, stay on the left side. If you wish to stand, stay on the right. There is no point of staying in the middle. This might not matter to leisure travelers, but frequent flyers who travel abroad often get frustrated at this sight. Every minute matters to them. It’s best you respect it too!

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