A Guide to Travel Italy on a Budget

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travel Italy on a budget

Traveling is one of the most rewarding experiences of life. You can experience that once you travel through the amazing European destinations. There’s a lot to see and explore at every nook and corner of the continent, making is a tremendously popular tourist destination. Italy stays the top choice of many tourists pouring in Europe from all corners of the globe. The country stays extraordinarily good all year round where all your travel dreams can happily come true. From romance, food, architecture, history and scenic beauty; Italy has everything to delight you!
However, with the ever rising travel costs, it is no surprise than to end up in a chaotic state. From the hotels to traveling, Italy is most certainly an expensive destination to travel to. Before you end up emptying your savings account, here are some of the best ways to travel Italy on a budget.

1. Transportation

This eats up a huge chunk of your travel budget and it is wise to spend some time planning it wisely. Since Italy isn’t the cheapest European destination to travel to, you shouldn’t be surprised to find sky high airfares. The best way to overcome this worry is to be as flexible as you can allow yourself. The time of the year you travel and the route you take will have a huge significance on your transportation costs. Summer time in Italy is a big no if you’re looking forward to enjoy a budgeted trip to the wonderful country. Booking early and taking a flight with several lay overs can help you to lower your transportation costs. Air miles can come out as a life saver when traveling to Italy!

Tourists often do not have to worry about going out and about within the country. With the extensive and well-connected transportation network, a lot of your worries should be over when you arrive in Italy. Their high speed trains are effective, but would cost you more. If you plan to travel Italy on a budget, the regional trains are a wonderful alternative. You’d get to anywhere you wish for, using less of your funds! Since Italy has a number of cities, it is advised to plan your trip wisely. For bigger countries like Rome, Metro and buses can work out well. However, the best way to explore Florence and Venice is by walking.

2. Accommodation

Don’t let those luxurious boutique style hotels attract you if you wish to have a budgeted trip. In Italy, you’ll find all kinds of accommodations; from extremely lavish ones to the economical. It all depends on what you and your budget prefer. Self-catering vacation rentals are in abundance in Italy and would be a fine choice for staying. The best aspect of these is eating at home, which can significantly save your money. If you’re traveling to the famous cities such as Rome and Venice, getting a cheaper accommodation would seem to be a dream that might never come true. To avoid that misery, look out for economical places to stay in the outskirts and town nearby. The great railway network of Italy would connect you to every place you wish to commute to! Living in the city center is mostly going to be expensive all year round.

3. Food in Italy

Who doesn’t crave for the divine Italian cuisine?
It is attractive in every manner. This is one of the reasons it stays the top choice of traveling. But restaurants in the country are a huge trap, with even a glass of wine costing you a dear amount! If you’re on a strict budget, it shouldn’t be an option. One of the practices you must adopt in the country is to go through the menu. Restaurants in Italy charge a ‘coperta’ fee; a tax when you sit down in the restaurant to eat. Before you plan to dine in, make sure you’re aware of it. Lunchtime services in Italy are more popular among the tourists because they turn out to be a cheaper alternative. Quick meals in Italy work out just as great; a slice of their magical pizza would be enough to keep you on the go. When out and about, it is great to connect with the locals and eat at the local food markets. If you’re residing in a tourist’s area, walking a few blocks away would always help to find cost-effective alternatives! Asking for tapped water always helps because restaurants would charge you a lot for the bottled ones.

It’s most certainly possible to travel to Italy on a budget. Checking out the free attractions and the wonderful beaches are always a great pastime. Renting a bike and walking tours would also help you immensely if you’re trying to save on your travels. Sensible planning can make a magical difference!

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