Travel Hacks To Pack Under 20 Minutes

By: Mary Briscoe Categories: Travel Guide

pack under 20 minutesIf you suffer from packing anxiety like I used to, don’t worry, because I am here to save the day.  The key is learning to pack quickly and practically, so you can get out the door and on that waiting plane faster and calmer.  Last October, I discovered that I had last minute business trip to Italy, on the day of departure.  My flights were booked for that afternoon, in a mad frenzy, I rushed around my apartment throwing everything (and I mean everything) into my suitcase. Not only did I leave a mess behind (which gave me a panic attack when I came back), I also forgot a couple of necessities. I learned a lot from that experience and it helped me to get a sense of what I should have done to prepare myself for takeoff. Now, I can pack under 20 minutes like a pro.

1. Choose Travel Sizes:

CHOOSE TRAVEL SIZESAvoid the last minute hassle to find travel size toiletries at the drugstore.  Why not use airline-approved three ounce travel bottles which come in the Pack-It™ Custom Travel Bottle Set?  They’re environment-friendly because you can refill them with your favorite shampoo; conditioner and body wash numerous times. Keep filled bottles with other essentials like a toothbrush, toothpaste, and razor, and set them aside in a separate drawer. When you are packing in a rush, grab the already-prepped bag and shove them into your suitcase.

2. Size Is Important:

SIZE IS IMPORTANTWhatever you’re packing should cater to your destination. If you’re flying to the next state, there is no need to haul an extra-large travel bag. Similarly, if you’re heading out of the country, you’ll want more than a tiny weekend bag.  My advice is to pick a medium-sized piece of luggage which changes from a wheeling suitcase to a backpack. I recommend the Eagle Creek Switchback™ Max 22 because, at 65 liters, it’s just the perfect size, is lightweight and durable, you can carry it on your shoulder as a backpack, or convert it by pulling up the handle. It’s compact enough for an airplane carry-on, but large enough to pack numerous outfits, shoes and toiletries for a  few days away.

3. Pack Smart:

PACK-SMARTAfter years of over packing, I decided to devote a couple of minutes and think about what I will actually wear. Before I start packing I take a few key pieces from my wardrobe and I start putting together outfit ideas. Often, I pack key items from my wardrobe which I can pair with different pieces. It is also important to take into consideration what type of events-if any, or dinners you’ll be attending whilst you are there.

4. Roll Them:

ROLL THEMA lot of travel experts recommend rolling instead of folding. It is easy and saves a lot of space to roll T-shirts, workout gear, boxers, and socks. If you really want to step up your packing game, you can fold suits and sweaters into Pack-it Folder to save them from wrinkling and stretching.

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