Three Steps To Saving Hundreds On Your Disney Vacation

By: Mary Briscoe Categories: Budget Travel

Disney Vacation

It has been said that a Disney vacation is one of the most amazing experiences a family could ever have. It’s also been said that a trip with Disney can cost a fortune, and that is where these incredible money saving tips come into play. So if you are planning a Disney trip, try these three tips and save a fortune.

1. Use Your Air Miles

Proving once again that your miles can be used for much more than just flying from here to there, you can use just a small portion of your miles and get an incredible vacation on the cheap, and there are many programs and packages that you can take advantage of. For instance, with as few as 3,200 reward miles, you can easily find your entire family on a three, five, or even a seven-day trip where you can then have access to comfortable lodgings and incredible perks like the Disney FastPass and unforgettable Disney shows.

2. Get Points And Promotions

A simple Internet search can unveil hundreds of promotions that you can take advantage of while you are planning your trip with Disney. These promotions range from getting a few bucks off at the entrance to full vacation packages at half the price. There are also many airlines that you can fly with that will get you closer to your trip without lightening your wallet. For instance, if you book with Expedia or fly with Southwest, you can take advantage of flight packages that make getting there cheaper while allowing you to fly with the best.

3. Save Money While You Are There

Once you have arrived at your Disney vacation resort, you can save money by ditching the extra costs in order to have more money to enjoy at the park, and there are several methods that can save you huge chunks of cash. For instance, while you are staying at the already expensive Disney Resort, you can save money by opting not to rent a car to get around. Instead, take advantage of the Magical Express bus service that provides free rides from the airport to the hotel.

You are already spending a fortune, so why spend even more on lodgings when you can stay in great hotels for much cheaper. The vacation rentals on the Disney lot can cost a fortune, sometimes requiring up to $250 a night for a one-bedroom hotel room. But if you travel just a couple miles outside of the park, you can find incredible lodgings for half the price. We are talking as low as $214 for a three bedroom, two-bathroom house, which is an incredible deal! Check online for other deals on vacation homes in the area, and spend your money on what matters most: having fun!

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