The Terrific Top Ten Things to do in Dubai

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top ten things to do in dubaiDubai is a city ever lively, full of ambition and a place where you feel no shame in being touristy. Listing down top ten things to do in Dubai isn’t an easy task, because the inviting attractions in the city are plenty.

Dubai is certainly one of a kind. The city of sky high buildings, it’s intriguing to see how a desert can be converted to such a modern city. Surprisingly, some of the world’s richest people live here. The idea of a luxury holiday can perfectly be enjoyed in Dubai. It’s the city where the sun, sand and sea bring out the best and has become one of the largest tourist hubs in the world. Despite the desert climate, the city has done a pretty well job to accommodate the tourists with all the world class facilities. In Dubai, you’ll get to see the best of hotels, the most luxurious train stations and the most delightful food! Despite being an Islamic country, it’s modern and well developed. If the city is your next stopover, here are the top ten things to do in Dubai!

1. The Beach Walk at Jumeirah

1. The Beach Walk at JumeirahJumeirah Beach Walk is the world’s largest single-phase construction so it’s definitely a must to chill out there for a day. Famous as JBR, it’s about 1.7 km long and really a world of its own. Whether you wish to explore some exquisite boutiques or enjoy a fine dining experience, you’ll witness it all at JBR. The panoramic views of the Dubai beachfront and marina appear to be truly dreamy. It’s definitely one place you must hang out in!

2. Dining at the Desert

dining at the desertIn Dubai, you’ll come across restaurants that will delight your taste buds. The malls are packed with them. However, to get a true feel of the city it’s best to head out for a dining experience right in the heart of the desert. You might not really experience it this way anywhere in the world. The Dubai desert safari is carried out by tour companies who take you on an adventurous ride through the desert. The dune bashing is certainly the most thrilling experience.

Followed by that is a Bedouin desert excursion that is truly one of a kind. Set up inside a traditional tent, you’re out there in the desert enjoying a scrumptious Arabic meal (the food choices will drive you crazy!) and get entertained with the belly dancers. Watch out, because you’ll be told to join them too!

3. A Hearty Dose of Malls

a hearty dose of mallsDubai truly is a shopper’s paradise. It’s one of those destinations where you’ll really have to struggle with packing your bags later. The malls are majestic and luxurious and even the same brands appear to be completely different. Plan to spoil yourself with all that these malls have to offer. This is where you’ll see the best of entertainment and food too!

Dubai is one of those cities where the malls appear to be a resort. People do take it seriously, and tourists all around the world visit Dubai only because of how glamorous shopping is in there! The Dubai Mall is one of a kind, the size would make you dizzy but it’s a perfect place to shop your hearts out. The Mall of Emirates speaks fashion for the best. Ibn Battuta is one of those malls where you’d be sorry to miss a shop. The interior will leave you absolutely awestruck. It is themed around the adventures of Ibn Battuta and truly is an amazing piece of art!

4: Burj Khalifa

burj khalifaWe live in times where we are compelled with the skyscrapers. Dubai is the perfect city when it comes to that. The moment you land in the city, the tallest structure is impossible to miss out on. What appears to be a needle-shaped spacecraft truly is a wondrous work of modern design and the best of technology.

Dubai’s skyline is one of a kind. To experience the best of it, head of to the observation desk on the 134th floor. Day or night, the views are absolutely amazing. It’s best to book in advance to avoid disappointments.

5. A Trip to the Gold Souk

a trip to the gold soukI love Dubai for plenty of reasons. Being a crime-free city, you can roam around the way you like and wouldn’t have to worry about the valuables you carry. Let’s face this, how often do you enjoy this privilege?

The traditional Gold Souk in Dubai is one of the most interesting areas of the city. This is where you’ll come across more locals, and see the less luxurious side of the city. Coming back to the Gold Souk, Dubai is really known for the gold. It’s cheap and authentic. The variety of yellow gold you see will leave you overwhelmed. Even if you don’t wish to get anything, a stroll in the Gold Souk is dazzling. You’re guaranteed to fall in love!

6. Skiing in the Desert

skiing in desertSkiing and desert? This is probably the first time the combination has sounded so perfect, and that too in Dubai! It may not experience winters as the rest of the world does, but that doesn’t stop you from skiing your heart out.

Ski Dubai is the first indoor ski resort of the Middle East and one that you must visit! Located in the Mall of Emirates, there are plenty of activities you can enjoy there. Let’s not miss out, the Snow Penguins are absolutely adorable!

Who says it doesn’t snow in Dubai?

7. Endless Fun at the Theme Parks

endless fun at theme parksAnother reason Dubai tops the list of the world’s most amazing tourist destinations is because it is family friendly. If you’re bringing little ones along, you wouldn’t have to worry about their entertainment because Dubai is rich in that. The theme parks are huge and packed with a lot of fun.

Whether you spend a thrilling day at the Wild Wadi Water Park, stay at the magical Dubai Atlantis (don’t miss out the dolphin experience), these parks are amazing for the money you pay and the rides will surely drive you insane! Definitely one of the top ten things to do in Dubai, it’s perfect for thrill seekers.

8. Ride on the Dubai Trolley

ride on the dubai trolley Although relatively new, the Dubai Trolley is an interesting ride. It’s interesting to see how luxurious the transportation system in the city is.

You’ll spot it in Downtown Dubai easily, and is a great hop-on and hop-off ride. It’s a hydrogen powdered street trolley so you don’t have to be guilty as a tourist.

9. Skydive Dubai

skydive dubaiAlthough I’ve added it to the top ten things to do in Dubai, Skydive Dubai is certainly not for the faint hearted. If you wish to make your first tandem jump, this is definitely an experience you must not miss out on. Not easy on pockets, but worth the money!

The views as you are free falling at a crazy speed and height are truly an experience that will stay etched in your mind forever. If you’re up for adrenaline rushed adventures, don’t miss it out!

10. The Fountain Display

the fountain displayDespite countless trips to Dubai, the famous fountain display never gets old! Situated next to the Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa, it’s the world’s largest musical fountain and definitely one of the most touristy experiences. What’s even better? It’s free of cost!

Why not include it to your list of top ten things to do in Dubai?

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