Singapore Airlines Lands On The Top Spot & Wins Skytrax 2018

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A couple of days ago Skytrax held their World Airline Awards in London, and some of the big names in the world of travel won big titles. These awards are held in high esteem because the World Airline Awards are based on public voting. So it is frequent flyers and travel enthusiasts who have actually experienced the highs and lows of the reward programs and airline services that vote for their preferred airline. Obviously, the one who gets the most votes sits prettily on the top spot, and this year the public has chosen their favorite airline.

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Why Singapore Airlines Nabbed The Tittle Of Airline Of The Year

Singapore Airlines has proven that with focus and determination things can turn around. Although a major player in the world of travel, the airline hadn’t won this award in over a decade, and now it is officially 2018’s world’s best airline. Previously Singapore Airline scored this award in 2004, 2007 and 2008. Over a decade ago the airline was known to be innovative and ahead of its time. With time the services deteriorated and like any other run of the mill airline out there.

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In the last two years, Singapore Airlines really made an effort to improve its reward program, premium cabins, and its services. The airline’s efforts have been acknowledged by the public since the majority voted for Singapore Airlines.

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How Are The Winners Decided?

As mentioned earlier the public gets to vote for their favorite airline, but there is another side to this. The airlines are permitted to promote themselves and ask their customers to vote for them. So the chances are there is a high correlation between the airlines that made an effort to promote the vote and those that actually won.

So does this mean that the entire process isn’t legit? Well, people can vote for different categories without actually having to experience the airline or the product. This might turn a lot of people off because the awards seem more like a popularity contest rather than an actual evaluated result.

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At the end of the day, most travel experts conclude that the airlines who win the title of the airline of the year do deserve the title. In this case especially for Singapore Airlines since it upgraded its business class earlier this year and has proven to be a solid airline. Is it worth flying for your next trip? Hell, yes!

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