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Korean Airlines

Korean Airlines has quickly become one of the world’s leading airlines in a matter of decades. Their effective growth is the result of great service and determination to stay ahead of the competitors. The airline has numerous domestic and international flights which are continuously on route. The global headquarters of the airline is located in Seoul, Republic of Korea. Originally the airline was known as Korean National Airlines, and after a decade of experience and service the company chose to privatize and Korean Air was born.


Korean Air takes its passengers to 114 different destinations around the world. These destinations span across fifty countries and six continents. Incheon International Airport is its designated international hub. Domestically, the airline flies thirteen unique destinations within South Korea. It is also considered to be one of the two largest foreign airlines that operate in China.

Promotions and Deal

Korean Airlines is always coming out with some of the best deals and promotions for its passengers. The airline aims at providing the lowest possible air fare rate to different countries and also on their domestic flights as well. Passengers are encouraged to sign up for the airline newsletter so they can be up to date with latest deals and promotions.

Excellent Boarding Pass

Boarding Pass

Korean Air wants their boarding pass to be a privilege and with time they have certainly achieved this goal. The Korean Air boarding pass is key to some great discounts. Passengers can obtain great discounts on taxis, car rentals, hotels, ballet, fine dining and other special offers through their partners.

Those who wish to take advantage of the discounts must have an international Korean Air boarding pass. Specifically, it should be from an oversea region to Korea. Passengers can show their boarding pass and identification to the airline partners within seven days of the departure date. This offer is valid for international passengers flying to Korea.

Those who choose Korean Airlines to fly elsewhere around the world can also take advantage of their boarding pass perks. Passengers should have their international boarding pass and identification on hand as proof of identity. This is specifically for those who are flying internationally from Korea. The available discounts are valid for ten to thirty days.


Skypass is Korean Airlines loyalty program. Those who are signed up for Skypass get countless benefits depending on the level they’re on. There are four levels starting from the lowest and then going up to elite status. The levels include Skypass Club, Morning Calm Club, Morning Calm Premium Member and lastly Million Miler Club. As the name suggests Million Miler Club is the elite status, and it is achieved if the passengers earn one million or more miles on Korean Air. The elite members have access to exclusive first class check-ins, allowance of an additional bag, access to Korean Air Prestige Class lounge amongst other things. With so many steals and deals, Korean Air succeeds in luring is passengers back time and again.

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