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U.S news has helped come up with a list of destinations to guide you while you are on vacation in Canada. The list covers everything from the cosmopolitan streets of Toronto to the peaks of Canadian Rocks.
First up is Vancouver. Being a young city, Vancouver doesn’t have much to offer from a historic background, it compensates for it in its serene beauty. It’s known for its enchanting green fields, surrounded by mountains and beaches. Keeping its standard high and offering high end fashion boutiques and organic foods, Vancouver is known as Hollywood North.
If nature is what you fancy, then this is the place to be, with the opportunity to take long walks and enjoy the outdoors. Also if you are a Twilight and Supernatural fan you might end up capturing and recognize a few land marks that have been used as breath taking backdrops for these shows.

Canadian mountains
Next up is Banff. Lodged in the Canadian mountains, is the cozy life style of a Swiss skiing village. With ample of outdoor activities such as Skiing and hiking and exploring the lush green parks, it’s a place you don’t want to miss out on. The weather in the summer also allows outdoor camping activates. As long as you are properly equipped for the extreme sports and weather you should be fine.

Up next is the beloved and much famous Montreal. Being multifaceted helps it show the old and new worlds both. The transition of 18th century structures into the 21st century ones is nothing but smooth as it perfectly blends the two eras. This versatile city has all to offer from old fashioned housed to funky fusion modern restaurants. If history excites you head towards the ancient cobblestone streets and discover the historic cathedrals. If however, outdoor activities are your thing head out to the Mont-Royal for a hike. Its diversity is perfect for a family vacation as it has something to offer to everyone.

Making it to the list next is Toronto. That’s right, who goes to Canada and doesn’t visit Toronto? Only the people who don’t know the goodness the city has to offer. Toronto has many inspiring and breath taking sights that has helped it make it to the Genies World Records as well. Then be it the largest underground shopping mall or the second tallest free standing tower in the world, Toronto has it all. Now ranking in the top 5 cities of North America Toronto stands tall as it offers top notch dining sopping and nightlife the world has to offer.

Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls is a place you don’t want to miss while being in Canada. It’s not hard to figure out why Niagara Falls is the most sought out natural wonder that millions fly to come and witness. The second you see the mammoth river rumbling at its high, your jaw will drop. Over the past few Niagara Falls has made it as one of the best honeymoon spots. With romantic walks across the vineyards, lush green landscape and stunning waterfalls it’s not hard to understand why.

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