The Emirates App For iOS And Android User

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The Emirates App
The Emirates App is a new edition on the official website of Emirates.com. It is a personal planner available for the customers and it helps in making traveling and arranging trips easy. At a single touch of your finger, you can easily do the following things:

• Book and search flights
• Manage each and every element of your journey.
• Check in through the online system and download your boarding pass.
• Manage your Emirates Skyward account.

The Emirates App can be easily found on the Google App store. The inspiration section of the app allows the users to explore through different travel destination guides along with a live interactive flight map. The information and interactive services of the app allows it to be very useful for the passengers.

According to Emirates they say that, “We will keep adding new features in the application for our customers so that they can experience a better service.”

Book Through The Emirates App

Book Through The Emirates App
The app allows you to make a complete booking of your flight, select your preferred meal, seat preference and includes services like chauffeur-drive. It’s extremely easy to add in all your details and you can view your complete journey at any time even when you are offline.

The app allows you to Check-in online plus you can download your boarding pass through the app directly. You can download your boarding to the ready for print option or you can email or SMS it on your contact details to get the boarding pass in a digital format.

Explore And Reserve Your Flight

Reserve Your Flight
The App allows you to book your flight directly as well as it lets you update the details any time you want. You can search and book your flight to any destination from the app with just a few swipe and a few taps of your finger. The booking system on the application is simple than the booking format present on the website. You can view your complete journey plan at any time via My Trip section.

Emirates Miles Award

Emirates Miles Award
If you are frequent flyer and a member of the Emirates Skywards, you can easily redeem and earn miles when you book your flight through the Emirates app. You can use your miles for upgrades or keep track of your miles through the instant and easy to access view updates on all the bookings.
If you are not a member, the app allows you to join for free and start collecting the emirates miles as you fly.

Make The Best Out Of The App

Make Best App
On the iPad version of the Emirates App, you can easily learn more about the products and services being offered which can help in making your journey more fun. The detailed info pages offer you all the important information on everything from in-flight meal services to the Chauffer-drive, the exclusive business class and world class lounges present all around the world, shower spa and other services. Explore our feature services like our in-flight shower spa and on board lounge on Emirates A380.

You can easily download the Emirates App from Google play store or visit the official website and download it from there. The app is available for iOS and Android phone users.

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