Cathay Pacific Loyalty Members Will Earn 80% More Airline Miles From Next Month

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Travelers who bought (or are buying) the cheapest economy ticket on short haul flights with Cathay Pacific will be the biggest winners when Asia Miles officially launches its changes. Soon, almost 80 percent of flights on Cathay Pacific will earn more frequent flyer miles from next month. This initiative took place in order to counter the extreme criticism that the airline was facing regarding its lack of rewards and miles. Loyalty members were frequently pointing out that the carriers counterparts from all over the world were rewarded more for their journey. Travellers were finding themselves in a position where they had to buy Cathay Pacific Airline miles just to reach the required number of miles needed for an award seat.

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1. What Will The Shake Up Mean For The Airline

The airline will not be going through a loss by offering more rewards per journey to their travelers. It will actually be the opposite because the change will attract more members. The change to Asia Miles will give Cathay Pacific and its budget carrier Cathay Dragon the boost it needs in a very competitive market. Budget carriers have been giving stiff competition to their more premium counterparts, and in order to avoid more losses, Cathay Pacific needed to make this change.

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Asia Miles a profit-making subsidiary of Cathay Pacific Group, will also let loyalty members redeem fewer airline miles to book a lot of flights. What is even more amazing is that they will also place 20 percent more award seats up for grabs. So now frequent flyers actually have an incentive to buy Cathay Pacific Airline miles or earn them, because they know that booking a reward seat won’t be as difficult as before.

2. What The Changes Mean For Asia Mile Loyalty Members

These changes will have the hearts of all Asia Miles members rejoicing and already planning their next trip. Those who don’t have enough miles to book an award seat needn’t feel let out, they have time to earn some or they can buy Cathay Pacific Airline miles instead. Basically, the changes that will soon take place will affect some 10 million loyalty members worldwide.

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Changes to Asia Miles will deliver value to its members no matter what route they fly, which route they redeem, or which cabin they prefer. Stephen Wong See-yuen chief executive of Asia Miles believes that the changes will travelers loyalty members across the board.

The biggest advantage will be for travelers who are buying the cheapest economy airline ticket on short haul flights. In the past, very few airline miles were given to customers for short haul journeys on cheaper tickets.

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A seat that is booked on flexible timings to Shanghai Pudong will generate 2,000 airline miles, which is up 157 percent. A business class ticket to China’s financial capital will rake in 2,500 airline miles, up from 974 percent. To conclude this is the best possible time for Asia Miles members to enjoy the new changes that are taking place.

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