Learn How To Buy Miles To Travel Business Class For Less Than Economy

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Airlines such as Emirates and Singapore have decked up their lavish first class cabins with enclosed suites, delicious 5-star meals, and amenities such as name-brand pajamas. However, there are other airlines who have stepped up their game by providing all this and more one notch down, in business class. Some of you might roll your eyes because business class is pretty expensive (if not as expensive) as first class. We’ll let you in on a secret; you can buy miles to travel business class for less than the economy.

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Qatar Airways Business Class Suites

A year ago Qatar was the airline that pioneered the change in lush business class suites, and since then a lot of its counterparts from all over the world have followed suit. With its addition of Qsuites which are suit-style seats with retractable doors, frequent flyers had the opportunity to experience first class luxury.

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Qatar Airways loyalty members should know that redeeming the airlines own airline miles for business class aren’t the best way to book Qsuite, because of raised award prices. What you can do is, book your Qsuite with American Airlines AAdvantage miles, Cathay Pacific Asia Miles, British Airways Avios or any other OneWorld partner. Out of the lot, American Airline is the best, because it charges only 70,000 airline miles both ways to fly business class from the U.S to Doha. Another great shortcut is to buy miles to travel business class for cheap. Frequent flyers can buy American Airline miles from mileage brokers and use them to book an award seat on Qatar Airways.

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Delta One Business Class Suites

Just like Qatar, Delta’s business class also has closing suite doors and do not disturb lights. If that is not enough, the seats also have memory foam cushion, different lighting settings, Tumi amenity kits which have Kiehls products in them. The meals are created by famous American chefs such as Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo. The fancy suites can be found on Delta’s A350s which fly from Detroit to Amsterdam, Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, and Narita or from Atlanta to Seoul. The airline is also launching new routes from Los Angles to Shanghai and Detroit to Beijing.

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Want to know how you can book Delta business class cheaper than a coach? The shortest and easiest way would obviously be to buy miles to fly business class at an affordable price. Whoever thought business class and affordable would be in the same sentence, right? Well, the times are changing and there are ways to travel in business class without emptying your bank account. If you specifically want to try Delta’s new business class then buy Virgin Atlantic miles, and use them to book a reward seat on Delta Airlines. Virgin Atlantic customers can search for Delta Reward seats on Virgins website, and they only need 50,000 miles each way between the United States and Europe. If that is not enough, flying to Asia takes 10,000 miles more. So are you ready to buy miles to travel business class for less than a coach?

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