What’s The Best Time to Buy Delta Miles?

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There are so many ways for airline loyalty members to earn airline miles. One of the methods that help in generating airline miles is flying on that airline, however, companies now co-branded credit cards which can aid in collecting airline miles. Airlines also let their loyalty members answer surveys in exchange for airline miles, and also accept transfers from hotel reward programs. Basically, there are countless ways to earn Delta airline miles to snag a reward ticket for the holidays. However, there are moments when a customer is stuck in a lurch and needs urgent airline miles. This is where the option of buying airline miles comes in. Is it wise to buy Delta airline miles a couple of weeks before the holiday season? Read on to find out.

Still wondering when to buy Delta miles? Since there are countless ways airline miles can be earned these days, not many resorts to the option of buying frequent flyers miles. However, if you’re in the market to buy Delta miles, and are looking for that ideal moment to take the plunge and make the purchase, just look for moments given below and then make that jump.

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1. When Is The Best Time To Buy Delta Airline Miles

Buying Delta airline miles is very simple and there are two ways to go about it. Loyalty members have the option of purchasing airline miles directly from the airline or they can buy them from mileage brokers. One of the best times to buy airline miles is when there is a sale. Yes, even airline miles go on sale. Occasionally, airlines sell their miles at a very low price, and that is a great time to stock up on them. Airlines launch special promotions during the holiday season, and in order to stay updated, you need to sign up for the newsletter.

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If you buy airline miles directly from the airline when they’re not on promotion and have zero miles in your existing account, you’ll be paying more than double the cost of an airline ticket. We always recommend that frequent flyers buy airline miles when they have stock of airline miles already in their account.

Secondly, when you’re low on airline miles and need them on an urgent basis this is the moment you seek help from mileage brokers. You don’t need to wait for a sale when purchasing miles from airline mileage brokers, because they already sell airline miles at the lowest possible price.

2. Buy Delta Airline Miles To Get A Free Ticket For Christmas

The most obvious reason to buy Delta Airline miles is when you need to book a flight very soon and you’re only short of few airline miles required for an award ticket. For instance, if you’re flying from Boston to California and you have 33,000 airline miles in your account. There is an award ticket available for 35,000 miles, which amounts to $401. You can buy the airline ticket without your miles or spend a meager $60 and buy 2,000 airline miles from a mileage broker or the airline. Airline miles are worth buying when the amount you’re paying for is small compared to the original price of the ticket.

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3. Buying Delta Airline Miles To Upgrade

Loyalty members also have the option to upgrade their seats with their airline miles. Once you have booked the ticket and afterward feel the need to upgrade, but don’t have the airline miles to cover an upgrade, you can buy them instead to make up the difference.

It is less costly to purchase airlines miles when booking first class tickets than to purchase flights. This is because airline miles are worth more when purchasing first class fares.

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4. Buy Delta Miles For Last Minute Flights

Most of us plan ahead and start earning airline miles well in advance so we can easily collect the required number before our holiday, or whenever we see an available reward seat. As they say, life is unpredictable and not everything goes as planned, right? So one of the best times to buy Delta miles is when an unexpected trip (for whatever reason) crops up. In order to save money on your ticket or to get an upgrade, you can easily buy Delta miles from The Mileage Club. Last minute airline tickets are always expensive and since The Mileage Club sells miles at the lowest possible price, you’ll save a ton of money instead.

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5. Stop Your Airline Miles From Expiring

Were you aware of that airline miles expire after a certain period of time? Well, if you didn’t this might be shocking news for you. Please do yourself a favor and check your airline mile account for details on the expiration date. Most airlines give around a year to 16 months of non-activity in an account before it expires. Your intention might be to save your frequent flyer miles and that’s why you might not be using them, but in order to keep your account active there needs to be some activity in your account.
Think of buying Delta miles as an investment, because you can use the miles that you buy in the future and keep your account active at the same time.

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6. Buy Delta Miles For A Loved One

Delta miles make one of the best presents, because not only can the miles be used on its namesake airline, but its partners as well. Why does it make an excellent gift? It’s basically because you’re giving someone the gift of travel. Your loved one can use the miles for an upgraded or for that much-desired reward seat.

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7. When You See An Unexpected Reward Seat

While others look sadly at the new reward seat that just popped up because they don’t have enough miles, you, on the other hand, have a plan of action. The Mileage Club sells airline miles for as low as 1.65 percent, so you’re not exactly breaking the bank when you buy the required number of miles. All you have to do is select the Delta mileage program and the number of miles that you need. Once that is done just click on the payment option that suits you, and then wait for the miles to get transferred to your account. Sometimes it takes up to 48 hours for the miles to show up in the account, so please do give yourself that small window.

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