Back to Basics: The Benefits of Buying Miles

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Buying Miles
It is no secret that air travel has become much more expensive over the years. As the cost of gasoline and overall inflation takes hold, the price of taking a flight to visit your relatives, taking that business trip or just going on vacation will continue to skyrocket. But even those individuals who travel the least can benefit themselves and their wallets when they buy miles to help them get from point A to point B.

What Are The Benefits?

The option to purchase miles has been around for a while, yet most consumers are unaware of the benefits, or how to get them in the first place. Most people know that a large majority of credit cards allow the user to gain miles when they use their card. Those who do not travel often also know that it could take decades to gain enough miles to actually get you a decent reward, such as a free flight to the location of your choice.

When you buy miles, you can get to where you are going while spending less than you think. Most people get their miles through standard avenues, such as getting a credit card.

The issue with this method is that in order to get a card that gets you the largest amount of miles, you will need to get a high-impact card that will require you to spend a large amount of money in a short period of time in order to get the high-mileage perks. In the long run, this process will cost more than it would cost to get your miles from a site like The Mileage Club.

How Do You Offset That Price?

offset that price
Chances are that you have gone that route, and you either already have a credit card that accrues miles or you have signed up for a rewards program through an airline. This leads us to the next advantage.

If you have a large amount of miles, but you are still short the miles you need to take your dream flight, you can purchase the necessary miles needed to make up for the shortage. These additional miles come at an affordable price, ranging from as low as 2.5 to as high as 3.5 cents per mile.

Get That Dream Upgrade You Always Wanted!

dream upgrade
A final benefit is the ability to upgrade your seat on the plane. Let’s say you have worked long and hard to get the points necessary to sit in coach on the way to your dream vacation. Imagine if you could spend just a little more in able to get a better seat. When you purchase miles, you can! Filling the gap by buying miles can easily promote you from a boring coach seat to amazing business or even first class seats.

When you buy miles, you win. It is as simple as that. Buying a few extra miles can be a great way of getting to the places you want while being as comfortable as possible, and when it comes to points, the sky is the limit.

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"The frequent flyer scheme has become as much part of the business traveler's life as a mobile phone or a passport. Indeed, when they were launched twenty-five years ago, air miles promised to be the passport to riches for those flyer loyal and busy enough to earn them."
"For the average traveler, that means buying miles or points in order to reach a threshold for an award ticket. Most airline charge 3 to 5 cents per miles."
"There is a group of traveler junkies so obsessed with racking up frequently flier miles, they scour the internet for deals that take them through little known airports."

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