A Delightful Trip To Europe Through Rome Travel Guide

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Rome travel guide

A traveler can never become weary of Europe. This is how fascinating the continent is when it comes to tourism. It may take a lifetime to fully explore all what the destinations have to offer to the tourists in Europe. For an infrequent traveler, this might become a cause of worry. This is why we’ve compiled a Rome Travel Guide to aid your journey.

Rome is a city of wonders. Architecture, history, and food all come together and provide a wonderful combination to the tourists. From matchless archaeology to the astonishing churches, it’s worth visiting Rome plenty of times if you could. Another perk of traveling to the city is getting the chance to socialize with super friendly locals.
Read along this Rome travel guide and get to know everything that has puzzled you when it comes to Rome.

1. Ideal Time For The Trip

Firstly, does it matter? Yes, a lot! Whatever you’re expecting from the trip should help you in deciding what part of the year you should be visiting this spectacular city. Tourists love Rome, and for all the right reasons.

Between June to August is the time when the summertime is at its best, and so is the influx of tourists. If you don’t fancy crowds and don’t mind not experiencing the Roman sun, between October and April, would be the ideal time to visit. Lesser crowds and lower fares mean you can explore Rome in a much better manner. Rome hosts a number of fiestas all year round, and you may wish to make your plans accordingly.

2. Rome Travel Guide To Transportation

Rome Transportation

This is where most of the travelers fret, sometimes for good reasons. Since every destination you travel to has a different transportation network, it can often take some time to get accustomed to it.

When traveling to Rome, transportation should be the least of your worries. Much of the city is great when it comes to walkability. The Rome Metro is a fine choice for traveling to the famous attractions of the city. It may not be as refined as metros around the globe, but does a fine job. Many of the tourists prefer to travel through the intricate network of buses. A great option for frugal travelers, you will feel you can connect to any part of the city when using Rome’s bus services.

Tram is another option for getting out and about. If nothing else works for you, taxis will always stay an obvious choice. As a matter of fact, you’ll hardly find a moment when finding a taxi becomes challenging in Rome. In the tourist areas, there are plenty of them. However, traveling through taxi can often become a costly option. It’s recommended to be only using these in the absence of public transportation, or if you’ve just arrived in the city.

3. Exploring Rome

Rome might seem like a huge city to you. Once you study a map of the city in detail, you’d realize that the attractions that are concentrated in one part of the city are relatively smaller in size.

Exploring Rome through the ‘Roma Pass’ is often a popular option. If you’re traveling to the city for the first time, it’s important to keep your expectations realistic. The likelihood is, you might not be able to see all what you planned.

As a first time traveler, it would be ideal to visit some of the most popular attractions such as the Roman Colosseum, Vatican City, Spanish Steps and Palatine Hill.

It’s best to absorb these wonders one at a time, and exploring small chunks of the city would be a better option. No matter where you’re staying in Rome, it’s best to visit the far off attractions first. The closer ones can then be visited once you’re short of time.

4. Dining Out In Rome

restaurants in rome

There is absolutely no dull moment for foodies in Rome. That is how delightful the city is when it comes to its marvelous cuisine. A word of caution though, there are many restaurants that will completely rip you off. It’s best to avoid these tourist traps and head to restaurants the tourists don’t know about.

“Scusi, vorremmo ordinare”, translating to ‘Excuse me, we’d like to order’ is one of the most important phrases you could learn before ordering food in the Roman restaurants. No matter what you wish to eat, you’ll never be short of options when in the city.

If the food served sounds good to your taste buds, tipping is always appreciated in Rome!

Rome is surely an expensive city in Italy. This shouldn’t put you off since this Rome travel guide is handy when it comes to planning a budget friendly trip to the city. If you have a pool of British Airways Avios, it can be best redeemed in booking a flight to Rome.

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